Littermaid LM980 Mega Cat Litter Box Review

I will be doing an in depth user review of the LitterMaid LM980 Mega?litter box.

I will be covering all the main features, how it works, The Pros and Cons about the unit as well as some user tips and tricks along with my final conclusion and recommendations.

Litter Maid Mega?Description

The Littermaid automated?litter box is one of the most popular entry level cat boxes on the market today, most new customers of these appliances tend to purchase the Litter Maid, based on its affordable price tag, good user reviews and the ability to cater to multiple cats quite easily.

This?unit?is very simple to use and its incredibly?easy for your cat to make the transition from a manual litter box to an automated system.?

This is generally due to the Littermaid LM980?s simplistic classic waste box?design, which helps cats that are not use to big? transitions, especially when it comes to their litter pans.


The LitterMaid features an innovative?high wall design?to prevent all litter kicking cats from ever kicking litter out of the litter box and onto the floor ever again, which is a common issue with most household cats.

This waste box?also comes with an anti litter trailing ramp to further prevent litter to stick to the paws of the cat, resulting in your cat leaving a trail of litter around the house for you to clean up.

There is no question about the consideration that the unit?has in regards to making a clean free design which is capable of preventing annoying litter trailing and litter kicking cats.

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The advanced motion sensors is what drives the automatic self cleaning design, the sensors are activated once the cat has entered the waste receptacle?to do his/her?s business,? once the cat leaves the litter receptacle?a delay of 10 minutes is then engaged before the cleaning cycle proceeds to clean your cats waste.

LitterMaid Features

  • High wall design
  • Automated rake scooping design
  • Anti Litter Trailing paw cleaning Ramp
  • Safety Bar
  • Dual setup capabilities in Automatic and Manual modes
  • Spacious waste container that can hold 60{45fb31d3b398c491fcd41c7e9b8ad2bf2de0f0fb5a0e186f323cd113b9a817a2} more litter than other cat boxes.
  • 4x Waste receptacles, 4x Carbon Filters
  • Caters to multiple cats
  • Uses clumping clay litter for easy automated cleaning


How does the litter?Littermaid work?

The LitterMaid works a lot like all other other rake driven cat trey?on the market the only thing that separates the litter maid LM980 from the others is the affordable price tag, however we will go in depth on how the self cleaning process of the unit?works.

This self cleaning waste receptacle?runs on a series of sensors which are activated before the cleaning cycle, just after the cat has finished his/hers business and leaves the litter container.
Once the cat has successfully left the litter box the Litter maid?s on-board program engages a 10 minute timed delay period before the self cleaning process is activated.

The litterMaid LM980 is a fully automatic self cleaning litter pan?suite, however there is also a manual mode on this unit, a push button process which enables you to clean the litter box manually by pressing a button, and the unit skips all the delay processes and gets to work for you.

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PROS and CONS Summary


  • Automatic rake scooping functionality.
  • Non-scooping design
  • Easy removing of rake for easy cleaning.
  • Proven advancements from the last LitterMaid self cleaning litter box.
  • 10 minute delay time before cleaning cycle.
  • Comes with litter ramp to clean the paws of the cat leaving the cat box?to prevent litter trailing.
  • This Litter maid LM980 is a bigger design to cater to larger cats.
  • Collects waste quicker with no fuss.
  • Tightly sealed waste receptacle and carbon filters to eliminate odor in its tracks


  • Waste can get jammed in the rake which would require manual assistance.
  • The LitterMaid LM980 Mega?needs premium clay clumping litter or it dosnt handle soft feces well.
  • The waste storage container is a little small so it requires daily cleaning for more than 2 cats.
  • litter container?depth is not enough to put the recommended 2-3 inches of litter.
  • The mechanism noise is pretty loud.
  • Additional purchases of waste receptacles

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