SmartScoop Automatic Litter Box Review

We will be covering all the essential key features of the?Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box, as like SmartScoop Litter Box description, design,?features and what it has to offer you and your cat.

SmartScoop Litter Box description

The unit?is a fully automated rake operated cat trey?solution, it takes care of all the messy tasks of cleaning your cats litter pan without ever having to manually scoop your cats litter tray again.


The general design of this particular unit?is very similar to a classic cat trey, being the only difference would be the automatic rake which is located on one the end of the litter box where the trash receptacle is located.

The SmartScoop features a roomy litter area (Big box 18.25? W X 7.5? H inches, the regular box 25.5 x 16.8 x 7.5 inches) for your cat to comfortably do their business without any difficulty or obstruction.

With that being said the transition from a classic manual sand pan?to the SC?cat pan is incredibly easy and your cat and they won?t even recognize the difference from their original cat box to their new litter container.

The waste receptacle can handle up to a week of waste from 1 cat, the receptacle houses an easy to install waste bag which is very simple to install and replace with either the refillable SmartScoop biodegradable bags or you could use any domestic sized garbage bag.

The more cats you own the more frequently you would have to change the waste bag, however the SmartScoop is built to handle multiple cats at different times and offers a smart sensor system which detects your cat?s use of the waste receptacle.

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Smart Scoop Features

  • SmartScoop Unit dimensions 14?W x 16? D
  • The cleaning process is completely autopilot and hands-free of any manual scooping, apart from emptying the trash receptacle.
  • Easy to empty the waste via the waste receptacle bags.
  • Works with all sorts of clumping kitty litter brands.
  • A carbon filter prevents any smelly odors from lingering throughout the household.
  • Easy to assemble design.
  • Includes a six month generous supply of 6 carbon filters and 24 BIO degradable waste bags.
  • Anti litter trailing ramp and mat.
  • Handles multiple cats

How does the Smart Scoop work?

After the initial use of the litter container, the Smart Scoop utilises a delay time of 15 minutes before the self cleaning process is engaged for cleaning.

The 15 minute delay enables the clumping litter to form clumps from any waste left by your cat, the 15 minute delay also plays an important part in keeping your cat safe from re-entering the litter box during the delay or cleaning process.

The Smart Scoop self cleaning litter system?is designed?in such a way that if your cat does re-enter the cat box during the delay or cleaning cycle the unit will automatically kill the operation and reset its delay timer for the next 15 minute cycle once your?cat has left the litter trey?area.

The litter rake is then engaged to scoop up the waste clumps, once the rake reaches to the end of the other side of the waste box, in an upward motion the rake scoops all the litter caught in the rake into the waste container.

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PROS and CONS Summary


  • Classic litter box design?enabling a smooth transition for your cat
  • No special waste bags needed unless you wish to purchase the official biodegradable bags which is not required.
  • Less break downs and noise in comparison to the LitterMaid.
  • Uses self clumping litter
  • Carbon filters to control smelly cat waste odor.
  • One of the best solutions for larger cats
  • Can handle multiple cats with ease
  • No need to purchase additional supplies apart from cat litter.
  • The unit comes in 2 different sizes.


  • The rake can be obstructed by hard clumps of waste effectively jamming the cleaning operation process.

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