Litter Spinner Litter Box Review

This semi-automatic litter box is powered by a rotating system that effectively picks up the waste products, sifts through the litter using the internal tray-grate to screen litter from waste.

Thanks to its manual spinning capabilities, there is no need to manually scoop out the litter thus promoting a better and cleaner way of managing waste.


  • Easy to clean and maintain by simple spinning
  • No need for cords, plus or use of batteries
  • Unit works easily with any clump stick available
  • Constructed from 100-percent polypropylene
  • High quality construction
  • When fully assembled, unit measures 8 inches Width 20 inches Height and 4.5 inches Diameter

How the Litter Spinner Works?

Cleaning the litter spinner is easy, and you can do that by placing your hands on the drum surface and spin it for a few rotations. If you think that there are still litter that sticks inside, simply tap on the top portion to unsettle it. There is a segregation process?courtesy of the drawer screen?to set the clean litter from the waste matter.

Although this unit will share the same design with other brands in the market, the Litter Spinner takes a different approach thanks to the presence of a base where it can spin.

Once the segregation process has been completed, it will continue spinning backwards to move to its initial position to ensure that the litter is evened out for another round of use. Just take out the tray and waste, and move it to the assigned thrash bag. Check out a video to know more about the operations of this unit.

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Pro and Cons summary


  • Clean up is easy through simple spinning of the box
  • Will work for cats that want to complete their deed in private
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Enclosed design means dogs can?t access the unit
  • Saves and cleans the litter thanks to a constant spinning
  • Features a hole at the bot to change the dirty litter
  • Compact size, makes it a great addition to pads and apartments


  • Pulling out the drawer can be a problem if it gets stuck?and speaking of pulling out the drawer, it will sometimes spill litter on the flooring.
  • The drawer also acts as the screen so it would be best to place a mat just under it
  • May not be able a steady stream of urine
  • Small waste may not be captured by the grating lid
  • There will be times when the waste will got stuck on the sides of the unit, and the clump stick may not be useful at all
  • Opening may not work for larger-sized cats

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