Meowfia Felted Cat Cave Product Review

The?Meowfia Cat Cave?was one of products that readers selected for the manufacturer.? So, we?re excited to bring you this review! The Meowfia Cat Cave is an awesome, safe pet bed for the kitty in your life.

Benefits of?Merino Wool

The Meowfia Cat Cave is made from merino wool.

Merino wool is soft, flexible and naturally repels odor, dirt and stains.? The other cool thing about merino wool is that it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

I love that it is made of natural fabric, so I don?t have to worry about harsh chemicals found in so many synthetic fabrics.? So it?s a non-toxic bed for cats and also good for the environment.

It makes easy to play with the kitty inside without worrying about getting their claws on you.

This felted cat cave is large and great for large breed cats; I found Charlie IN this bed more than any other cat cave we?have reviewed.? It also has the largest opening for kitties compared to the other caves we have reviewed.? I think Charlie didn?t feel as confined given the larger entrance hole.

Cat caves can make for a great gift for the cat lover in your life.? Why?? Because they are a great place for them to play, nap, rest, relax and sleep inside or on top.

A note about placement

While my cats are used to cat caves ? some people who left reviews on that they?re cats didn?t get in them.? One of the first things I learned about reviewing cat products is that it is all about placement.? One of the beds we first reviewed wasn?t used very much until I moved it to our kitchen months after the review!

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So that first review would have been drastically had I been more on top of how cats react to beds.? I taught Amy this one with her?Ragdoll cats, Ash and Addie, with the last cat cave we reviewed.? I told her to move the cave to a space in the house to a place where Addie or Ash laid on a regular basis.? She moved it to the closet and from there on out found Addie on the bed.? So, in other words, Addie liked the bed, but wanted it placed where she wanted to lie.? Had she disliked the bed, she would have stopped laying on it.

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