Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box Review

Every pet owner deserves an all-around litter box that contains the waste and smell and stops the litter on its tracks. And if you are looking for this, then the?Clevercat Top Entry Litter box?wins the day.

Thanks, to its design, this litter box helps contain the waste and the odor and makes sure that no litter will be scattered outside of the box. This unit also offers a covered design which means that this can work against dogs and other pet that loves to explore the litter box.

Features of the?Clevercat

  • Features the top entry design that prevents the pets from going back to the floor with litter and waste on their paws
  • Helps prevent other pets from taking advantage of the unit
  • Has an enclosed design that helps contain the smell
  • Urine leakage is prevented thanks to the competent design of the signs
  • Available in a light gray color that makes it a great addition to any room inside the house
  • Unit measures 20 inches in length, 15 inches wide and 15 inches in diameter, with an opening of 9 inches

How does it work?

The pet enters the unit through the 9-inch opening. When you look at the interior of the unit, you will find a plastic liner that holds the litter and will serve as the pet?s support when conducting its business.

Once done with its task, it will get out of the unit with a grating lid waiting on the opening to ensure that no extra waste or litter will go out and scatter on the floor.

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If you want to know more about this unit, we recommend that you check the video out.

Pro and Cons summary


  • The presence of the lid on its opening will keep your floor and the pet clean
  • The enclosed design of the unit ensures that the cats will not play around and other pets, dogs included will not access the litter box
  • Features a smooth bottom thus making it easier to clean and maintain the unit
  • Unit is made from tough plastic, and the lid can hold up to 17lbs
  • Unit features a lid that?s easy to remove, and litter will not stick on the unit?s sides
  • Design helps prevent leakage of urine


  • Not recommended for larger-sized pets and breeds
  • Design and choice of color leaves much to be desired
  • The liners do not fit into the unit, and the same liner is easily scratched thus promoting leakage of litter
  • Although it promises to address litter tracking, the unit cannot actually complete the job
  • Some pets including dogs can easily stick their heads inside the unit
  • Unit fails to contain the smell, especially if the cats urinate on the sides

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