Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The Arf Pets automatic pet feeder allows cat owners to control feeding times and portion sizes and works with dry food only. It?s specially designed for cats and small dogs and is a simple and easy way to ensure your pet gets the right amount of food while you?re gone for the day.

While this is a more basic model compared to higher priced feeders with webcams or Bluetooth capability, we still felt that it had a lot to offer in terms of convenience, ease of use, and customization.

Arf Pet Feeder Overview and Features

This model features a compact black and white design, made from ABS plastic.

This unit is both battery powered and corded, so you won?t have to worry about your pet going without in the event of a power outage.

A magnetic latch is used to keep the storage bin closed, which means this feeder is not exactly cat proof.

The lid is transparent, allowing you to closely monitor the supply of food.

When it comes to capacity, the feeder can store up to a gallon of food.

As far as controls go, this model uses a set of pressure sensitive buttons located on the top of the feeder.

It comes complete with an LCD display that allows you to scroll through the features and determine the appropriate frequency of feedings.

You can also choose portion sizes ranging from one to ten, which is a great feature if you have more than one cat in the home.

One portion consists of approximately two tablespoons of food.

Users can also record a voice message that will play as soon as the food is dispensed.

Inside the device, a motor operates a paddle which moves the kibble into the feeder tray. The tray itself is easy to remove and clean.

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An indicator alarm will go off when the kibble is being dispensed. This will give your cats a heads up that their food is on the way.

Setting up this feeder and programming it is very easy.

You?ll need to do a couple of test runs to ensure the type and size of the cat food you’re using isn?t too big for the dispenser, which can result in jamming the motor.

Automatic Cat Feeder Pros and Cons

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Pros: The food hopper is able to hold a few days? worth of food, making this the perfect feeder if you need a model that can provide food for your feline if you?re planning a weekend getaway. Overall, the feeder seems very reliable.

Some pet owners reported that if the tray is tilted forward then the kibble tends to flow more freely, which works to prevent potential blockages.

A plastic shield comes down after each feeding, which helps to prevent curious cats from accessing the rest of the kibble in the food hopper.

Many pet owners claim the magnetic latch on the top of the food hopper is strong enough to withstand a fall and remains tightly latched.

The manufacturer chose to make the feeder out of a thicker plastic because it has a reputation for durability.

The portion sizes and feeding times are highly customizable, which is essential if you have more than one cat in the home or a pet that?s on a special diet.

Another huge plus is the fact that the unit is also battery powered, which will allow you to place the feeder anywhere in the home.

The food hopper?s large storage capacity means you don?t have to refill it daily, plus it?s large enough to hold three or four days? worth of food.? This is a huge plus for any cat owner looking for a larger pet feeder for those time when they?re out of town.

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Cons: If the feeder?s motor gets stuck the unit will stop working, however, this issue can easily be fixed with a thorough cleaning.

This unit cannot be mounted to the wall or secured in any way, which means a curious pet can knock it around in an attempt to get more food, which, in turn, can cause the motor to jam up and prevent food from being dispensed.

The power cord measures in at five feet long, which is too long for some pet owners. If your cat enjoys batting around cords, then potentially this unit can become unplugged. Fortunately, the battery power backup can ensure the machine continues to run smoothly.

This model is designed for indoor use only and is not water-resistant.

A larger pet in the home may be able to easily knock over the feeder.

For some, the fact that this model is only able to dispense dry food is a big drawback.

The power switch is located on the bottom of the feeder, which many felt was definitely a design flaw that made the switch hard to access at times.

This model operates on twenty-four hour time and cannot be changed to regular time.

It?s also lacking smartphone compatibility, which is another drawback for pet owners who want a more hands on approach to monitoring their pet?s eating habits.

However, if an app controlled feeder isn?t a priority for you, then you?ll appreciate this budget-friendly, techy model that offers just enough bells and whistles to make this feeder convenient, innovative, and reliable.

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Pet owners who are searching for a more durable cat feeder that?s also cat-proof should take a closer look at the Petnet SmartFeeder automatic pet feeder.

Arf Pets Cat Feeder Conclusion and Rating

The Arf Pets cat feeder is convenient, easy to use, and it will come in handy if you live in a multi-cat home.

It provides just the right amount of food regularly and reliably. As long as the device is placed in a stable area, such as a flat surface, up against a wall, and the food is kept dry, there?s no reason for the motor to jam.

Cat owners who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for feeding times, serving size options, and overall quality.



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