Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The Petnet SmartFeeder automatic pet feeder offers unlimited feeding times, easy to use manual settings and is smartphone compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The food hopper can hold up to seven pounds of dry food and can dispense two tablespoons up to one and a half cups of food per feeding.

This product is recommended for cats and small dogs due to the smaller bowl size.

This feature packed model is a consumer favorite, and despite being very techy, it?s actually pretty simple to use and set up. It does have its limitations, but we felt that this innovative automatic feeding system can really add a ton of convenience to any cat lover?s home.

SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder Assessment and Overview

Setting up the feeder is pretty easy, simply follow the instructions in the included user manual. This model is both corded and battery operated.

The lid on the food hopper features locking tabs that are childproof and slide out to open. This ensures that your pets or children won?t be able to access the stored kibble.

As we mentioned, this model is smartphone compatible.

To use, you?ll need to download the PetFeeder app and create an account.

Once you have assembled the feeder and created an account, you can follow the prompted app setup instructions which require you to enter important details about your cat, including the type and brand of food, the cat?s weight, size, and activity level, how often you want your pet fed, and how many cups per serving.

The amount of food dispensed can also be adjusted manually, however, the app will also recommend serving frequency and size based on the pet information you entered.

The manufacturer works with Nest Cam Indoor.

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With a Nest Cam Indoor subscription, consumers can use the Nest Aware video service and view footage of their pets eating, via the PetNet app.

On the app settings, you can choose to receive notifications when food is dispensed.

Additionally, if you sign up with Nest Cam you?ll receive a second notification.

Of course, aside from the webcam and smartphone capability, the best part of using this model is the fact that it dispenses your pet?s food on time, every time.

Creating a feeding schedule is very simple. On the app, you?ll head to the meals tab and choose the appropriate feeding times and the portion size.

You?ll also see a daily total of the number of feedings per day, including manual feedings and automatic.

Additionally, you?ll get a look at your cat?s daily caloric intake, which is important if your pet is on a strict diet. You can also view a summary of this information for the previous day and look at an estimated intake for the following day.

On the food tab in the app you can change or adjust the servings and the type of food your pet eats. You can also view nutritional information for a specific brand of food including carb, calories, protein, and fat percentages per serving, in addition to a total list of ingredients.

The meals page provides feeding schedule information. This is where you?ll determine the best feeding times and where you can also turn the auto feed function on or off.

On the device tab, this is where you?ll set up the Wi-Fi connection.

Automatic Cat Feeder Pros and Cons

Petnet SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder Pros:? Considering this model can hold up to seven pounds of dry cat food in the food hopper, it?s able to hold roughly two weeks? worth of food.

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When feeding time rolls around, the machine will activate, dropping a preselected serving size into the bowl. Each feeding will be announced via app notification. However, you can also choose to switch off the notifications, especially if one of the feeding times is set for early in the morning.

Aside from notifying you that your pet has received their scheduled feeding, the device will also alert you if your pet has missed a feeding as a result of a low battery or malfunction. Unfortunately, the app fails to alert you if the batteries are running low. Another alert is designed to notify users when the food supply is running low.

Overall, the app is easy to setup, use, and customize. The feeder itself is a reliable performer that can also be adjusted manually, independent of the app.

This type of high-tech setup is perfect for any pet owner who has a cat that?s on a special diet.

Cons: This model is designed for one pet use only. Both the app and the feeder are designed to dispense only one selected serving.

This is also a dry food only machine.

Basically, the included rechargeable batteries only last about seven hours, which isn?t long enough to be considered useful.

Depending on the size of the kibble, it can collect in the chute and prevent the food from being dispensed. Fortunately, this model comes with an optional sloped riser that attaches to the bottom of the unit, working to angle the food?s path in order to improve the flow.

If you?re looking for a model that can accommodate feeding more than one cat, we highly recommend the HoneyGuaridan A25 automatic pet feeder, which is available at a comparable price.

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SmartFeeder Conclusion and Rating

The Petnet SmartFeeder is a great choice for cat owners who are planning on taking a short trip away from home, for cats who are on strict weight management diets, or if you need a feeder that can closely monitor how often your pet is eating.

The app works well and provides quite a bit of detailed information regarding usage, feeding times, and important nutrition information.

This feeder really allows you to closely monitor your pets eating habits and can give you a little peace of mind knowing your cat will get their food on time, even when you?re away from home.

Cat owners who purchased this model gave it a rating of five out of five stars for ease of use, the app, and product reliability, making this model our top rated product and one of the best automatic cat feeders on the market.

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