Modkat Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner Review

If you are looking for a litter box that seemingly has it all, the Modkat Litter Box Kit can definitely deliver. It addresses all of the pet waste management issues for cats in one efficient and stylish box.


  • Minimal litter tracking
  • Stylish design
  • Addresses many litter problems
  • Dog proof
  • 30-day full refund guaranteed


The Modkat Litter Box Kit actually addresses the problem of litter tracking with its patented design that is a top entry, which means there is little to no possibility of your cat?s paws dragging out the litter after he has finished with his business.

At the top entry position, there is a locking lid that serves as a walk-off mat that strains the remnants of litter on our cat?s paws and deposits it back into the litter box, so you can be sure that the litter stays in the box at all times, and not on your floor or your furniture.

If you have noticed, the Modkat Litter Box Kit has a sleek and unique modern design that is easy to pair with just about any theme in any room in your home.

In fact, the design of the Modkat Litter Box Kit is award-winning, and you can choose from three colors to match your interior. There is the sleek and shiny black (perfect for stylish cat owners), the crisp and clean looking minimalist white and the neutral and warm nude color that can be easily matched with any interior.

The Modkat Litter Box Kit is indeed your all in one solution in addressing every need of your cat when it comes to waste and elimination handling. You can easily note that the base is high enough and is even made seamless so that you can avoid any leaks that are common with most two-part enclosed litter boxes available in the market.

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It comes with an easy open swivel lid to give you easy access to its contents, especially when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. It has a hanging litter scoop to allow you to hygienically maintain your litter on a daily basis.

The scoop hangs on the side so that you can easily access it and it has a proper place so you do not easily lose it. Aside from that, it also has a reusable tarp liner with a fitted tension band on the ring to keep it in place at all times. This liner allows you to easily remove and dispose of litter by just lifting it up.


One concerned pet owner was surprised that after a few uses, his cat refused to go into the Modkat Litter Box Kit. After having researched into this seemingly odd behavior, he found out that some cats do not like going down into a litter box to poop because it is uncomfortable for them and it makes them anxious because of the limitations of their view, so they feel somewhat more vulnerable.


Modkat Litter Box Kitis easy to maintain,keeps tracking at bay, has no spills or leaks and is even dog proof ?you could not possibly ask for more from a cat litter box. It has basically everything you need in order to have an efficient waste management system for your cat. Just make sure that your cat has no claustrophobia or anxiety issues, and it is the perfect litter box.

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