Litter Robot 2 Automatic Litter Box Review

In this article, I will be taking a closer look at the Litter Robot II Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

This review is written from my own personal experience with the LR?With that being said I am not trying to sell you on the review.

Liter robot 2

In this Litter Robot 2 Automatic Litter Box Review, we will discuss the positives and negatives of this litter box. While many consumers are pleased with this litter box, some are disappointed. For starters, the Litter Robot can sometimes be difficult to clean. To solve this issue, you can simply scoop out the excess litter, which will lessen the volume of litter in the Litter Robot. You must also check if there is a visible line in the Globe that indicates proper litter level.

Another concern is the size of the Litter-Robot. This device is very large, measuring 30 x 25 x 27 inches. It is heavy, and you should keep this in mind if your home has multiple rooms. While it’s recommended to place it at a distance from corners or walls, it may not fit in every room. In addition, it’s recommended that you watch the cycle in action if you have multiple cats.

In this Litter Robot 2 Automatic Cat Litter Box Review, we’ll look at its features. We’ve compared its price to other self-cleaning boxes. The price is significantly lower than other litter boxes, and it also comes with an 18-month warranty. The Litter Robot 2 is also designed to be user-friendly, so you can clean it yourself. Litter Robot 2 is available at most pet supply stores.

The mobile app is another feature that sets this product apart from its competitors. The Litter-Robot’s app allows you to monitor the activity of your cat, adjust the time and frequency of cleaning cycles, and lock the control panel. The app even allows you to schedule the Litter-Robot to sleep at night. As long as you don’t mind a few extra steps, the Litter-Robot is a great option for a busy home or apartment owner.

Automatic cat litter box

This Litter Robot 2 automatic cat litter box review will discuss how this system works and whether or not it is right for your cat. Its unique feature of being able to use a plastic trash bag makes it a great choice for households with multiple cats. Not only will this system save you money on cat litter, but you’ll also avoid the risk of dirty litter contaminating your clean litter. It is simple to use, easy to fill, and it automatically cleans after seven minutes.

This product detects your cat’s weight and automatically begins cleaning a cat’s box when 7 minutes have passed. Its patented rotating system gently separates waste clumps from the clean litter, and then resifts clean litter. Unlike many automatic cat litter boxes, this one has several settings to adjust the sifting process. A programmable sleep mode also helps to reduce the risk of clogging.

While the Litter-Robot is designed to automatically clean your cat’s litter box, its design does require some maintenance. If you have a busy lifestyle or are unable to keep up with regular cleaning, this product may be the answer for you. The system does take up a little space in your home, and cleaning is required only every couple of months. It’s worth remembering, however, that this device is not right for everyone. Litter-Robot reviews do not always reflect this opinion.

As with any automated litter box, you must know how to use it before you can begin using it. Though it’s intuitive, you may find it a little overwhelming at first. For example, one tester accidentally emptied the litter box without initiating the usual clean cycle. While the Litter Robot 2 automatically cleans itself, this product is very convenient for those with multiple cats. Litter-Robot is an excellent choice if you have a cat that has a tendency to soil carpet.

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Clumping litter

The Litter Robot 2 Automatic Cat Litter Box is a highly rated device for the convenience it provides. It has high walls to prevent clumping of the litter, and a paw-cleaning ramp limits tracking. This product also features a removable rake to make clean-up a breeze. We tested it with a Nature’s Miracle brand of super-absorbent clumping litter. The fresh linen scent lingers long after your cat has used it.

The automatic cat litter box starts a timer when your cat exits the box. It counts down the number of minutes the litter has to clump. The timer is adjustable via an app, and we recommend seven minutes for maximum clumping. You can also add or remove the timer by simply adjusting the clock on the screen. After the timer is completed, you can remove the clumping litter and replace it with clean litter.

The Litter Robot II works with clumping litter, but it is not safe for kittens. The robot will automatically turn on when your cat enters, then shut off when the cat leaves the room. This automatic litter box is ideal for cats that weigh between three and five pounds. The tall design is an advantage if your cat is shy or frightened of loud noises.

The Litter Robot 2 automatic litter box has a reusable plastic litter tray that saves you money. It works with any type of clumping litter, including silica gel crystals. And it’s cheaper than many self-cleaning boxes. It measures 24 by 22 inches and is covered with an 18-month warranty. With its easy to use controls, the Litter Robot 2 is a smart buy.

New litter box

The Litter Robot 2 Automatic Cat Litter Box is a fantastic device to have at home. It has so many great features, but it also has a few disadvantages. For starters, it is very expensive, and it may be difficult to deep clean it. You must disassemble and reassemble the box. In addition, it may be a bit cramped for large cats. It may also be hard to detect lighter-weight cats. However, its cost and size should not be your only considerations.

The Litter Robot 2 Automatic Cat Litter Box Review is written by Andrew Whalen, an editor at The Spruce Pets with extensive experience reviewing and testing pet products. He lives with his two rescue cats and spends countless hours reviewing pet products. Theresa Holland is a freelance writer who has contributed to The Spruce since 2020. To make this review, the reviewers considered features, price, and size of each litter box. They also tried a variety of styles to find the one that best suits their needs.

The Litter Robot requires a little acclimation before your cat will accept it. Your cat will first sniff it and then get curious about it. But if you choose to use catnip, your cat will enjoy exploring the box. And the fresh litter will make your cat forget about its litter box troubles. Its user manual is available online. This review is a quick summary of the pros and cons of the Litter Robot 2. If you want to purchase a Litter Robot, read on!

The Litter Robot is equipped with a sensor that can detect when your cat is inside the litter box and will clean it after a specific time. You can set a 3 minute, 7-minute, or 15-minute wait time, depending on your cat. The wait time also allows the poop to clump properly. Some clumping litter takes a little longer to clump.

Automatic litter boxes

The Litter Robot 2 automatic litter box comes with a welcome kit containing an instruction manual, quick-start guide, and a power supply. The Litter Robot 2 should be placed on a flat, dry surface with easy access to a power outlet. It is not recommended to use the Litter Robot 2 on carpeted or unstable flooring. It is best to place the unit at the same location where you would place the previous litter box.

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The Litter Robot works by detecting the weight of your cat and starting a cleaning cycle automatically after 7 minutes. The cleaning mechanism gently separates waste clumps from clean litter and drops them into the waste drawer. The waste drawer includes a carbon filter for odor control. Once the box has been cleaned, it is ready for use. The Litter Robot also has an app that alerts you when the waste liner needs to be replaced. It is easy to use and is perfect for households with multiple cats.

The Litter Robot 4 works perfectly and has excellent odor control. I highly recommend this model for cats over 3 pounds. The Litter Robot 4 works with any premium clumping cat litter. It has an extra large footprint than other covered litter boxes, making it perfect for multiple cats. It is also easy to clean and is compatible with most cat litter brands. One other advantage of the Litter Robot 4 automatic litter box is its Wi-Fi capability.

The Litter Robot 3 automatic self-cleaning litter box EU is another great option for households with multiple cats. It is an excellent choice for those who have a hard time managing their cats and want to make their lives easier. The Litter Robot 3 automatic litter box EU features an expanded entry chamber and a self-adjusting cat sensor. When the cat uses the box, waste is automatically dropped into a drawer, where it can be easily cleaned.

Litter Robot 2 Reviews

litter robot 2 reviews

The Litter Robot is a robotic cat toilet that detects when your cat has finished using its box. The device then waits for a set amount of time before cleaning it. There are three pre-set wait times: three minutes, seven minutes, and fifteen minutes. If your cat isn’t in the box during the cleaning cycle, you can set the timer manually. The wait time is adjustable, so that you can set the machine to clean the litter box when you are not home.

There are several different models of Litter Robots available. The original, a classic version, has a narrow opening and doesn’t have a night light. However, the Litter-Robot 2 Bubble has a much wider opening and a wider waste receptacle. Both models have a 90-day warranty, and are comparable in size and components. However, if you’re looking for an extra-large litter box, you may want to consider the Litter-Robot 4 instead.

The Litter-Robot 2 Bubble was designed to address many of the issues with the 2 Classic. While the two units share many of the same features, the Litter-Robot 2 Bubble has a larger opening and more room for your cat. It’s still small enough for many cats, but it is big enough to house three or four cats, and it’s designed to make cat owners’ lives easier. So, if you’re looking for a self-cleaning cat litter box, the Litter-Robot 2 Bubble is the product for you.

Litter Robot 2?description

The Litter Robot is one of the most sophisticated self-cleaning cat treys out on the market today, coming in as the best automatic litter box on the market.

The unit is specifically designed to avoid any scooping, cleaning and general maintaining, for people who have been looking for a NO Scoop solution.

The unit can go for weeks without cleaning thanks to the roomy waste receptacle located at the base of the unit. But whenever it needs a clean all you have to do is simply open the waste container draw and tie the waste bag, then replace it with another waste bag and you?re done.




The LR is made up of a durable solid plastic construction that is made to last. The spheres internals is made up of thick, slippery rubber lining enabling litter clumps to slide into the waste bin with ease.

The unit has a modern spherical design that goes hand in hand with the functionality of flawlessly removing all sorts of cat waste and odor. The spacious waste container is located at the base of the unit which functions as a regular draw hatch where a bag is placed to collect the waste.

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The LR?comes with an easy to use push button programmable user interface control panel which enables the user to quickly program the unit to the specifications of their pets needs.

Litter Robot 2 Features

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • No need for additional?trays or even non-reusable receptacles.
  • It functions along with virtually any clumping kitty pallets.
  • Decreases kitty litter container?odor utilizing an innovative carbon filtration system.
  • Safe for your household cats and other Pets.
  • Works comfortably with any biodegradable kitty litter.
  • Durable Construction.
  • Comfortably accommodates 1 to 7 household cats.
  • Saves you tremendously on litter costs.
  • Eliminates trailing.
  • Odor FREE design
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 29 inches ; 24 pounds

How does the Litter Robot work?

Every time your cat uses the LR the electrical sensor and an onboard computer to trigger a seven-minute timed?delay, this ensures that your cat doesn?t re-enter the cat?box during the self-cleaning the process, however, if the cat does re-enter the cat trey?within that 7 minute delay period the units?smart sensor is triggered which kills any cleaning operations until your cat leaves the area.

After seven minutes the LR will proceed to clean the cat pan?area, the sphere on the base of the unit will begin its slow rotation in order filter the and separate the clean litter from the waste.
The waste is then disposed of in the units?waste receptacle for easy bagged disposal for later cleaning.
If your cat re-enters the sphere during the rotation process, the unit will shut itself off and reset itself to the next 7-minute cycle.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning the cat waste from unit?is very simple and keeps you away from any direct contact from any waste, this involves opening the waste receptacle draw and removing the used bag and replacing the bag with a regular domestic garbage bag and its ready to use once again.
If you own one cat you can delay changing the waste bag every 2 weeks, however, if you have more cats you will have to change the waste bag more regularly.

PROS and CONS Summary


  • Its very easy to set up, program and operate.
  • Sleek design and fits easily into any home decor.
  • No direct contact with waste.
  • Extremely low maintenance for cleaning this device.
  • NO?manual scooping.
  • Simple Push button operation
  • Easy waste disposal
  • Less cat litter is used
  • NO odors
  • There is no need to purchase expensive supplies or bags and kitty litter.
  • It is quieter than most other self cleaning litter box systems.
  • Made from solid plastic which is built to last


  • It is recommended for manual use for kittens under the weight of 5 pounds.
  • There is some noise when the unit is in the automatic cleaning process.

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