Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Review

Felines don?t have a strong natural sense of dehydration, unlike humans, so a consistent supply of fresh water is absolutely critical for their health.

Lack of enough water can lead to a number of severe health issues and even to death. That?s why high quality?cat food?? either wet or canned ? usually?has lots of moisture.

Some cats will refuse to drink from their water bowls if they?re placed next to food bowls. And some cats won?t even bother drinking water unless it?s from a running tap, like a sink or a bathtub faucet.

Fortunately, PetSafe?s new series of Drinkwell Platinum pet fountains are here to save the day.

What is Drinkwell Platinum?

The new Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain is everything you and your cat can wish for.

This product is basically an automatic water dispenser that doesn?t require a lot of maintenance, and it saves you trouble with those capricious kitties that are refusing to drink from their water bowls.

It provides a fresh supply of constantly circulating water.

Some cats?suffer?cat allergies?triggered by plastic. Others simply can?t overcome their instinct of hunting for a natural water spring. PetSafe?s product substitutes the need for a water spring and always provides fresh water.

You already know?how much you need to feed your cat, but felines of different breeds and ages need different amounts of daily water intake. The constant flow of clean water is one of Drinkwell Platinum?s main advantages, but it offers so much more than that!


  1. 168 oz water reservoir
  2. 6 feet long power cord
  3. Submersible pump
  4. Replaceable charcoal filters
  5. 12V low voltage system
  6. 5 inch free-falling water spring
  7. AC power adapter
  8. Containers and a water bowl made out of BPA free plastic
  9. Detachable parts
  10. Quiet motor
  11. Adjustable water flow
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The Drinkwell Platinum doesn?t need to be connected to any water lines, which makes it a perfect fit for any room ? the kitchen, the living room, or even the bedroom. The low voltage system and the water ramp prevent splashes and noisy water sounds. You can easily adjust the water flow in order to decrease the motor noises and to provide a thinner, smoother water flow for your kitty.

The parts, which are made out of BPA free plastic, are detachable and dishwasher friendly. Due to the solid base of the water fountain there?s no danger of your cat knocking it over or spilling its contents all over the floor.

Drinkwell Platinum?s water pump and motor are significantly improved from the previous PetSafe version ? the Drinkwell Original. You can reduce the motor noises to a minimum by placing a mat underneath the device and by decreasing the water flow.

Much like?automatic feeders, interactive treat dispensers, and other types of similar products, Drinkwell Platinum requires some maintenance. It?s advisable to clean it once or twice per week and to fill it with fresh water once a week in order to prevent mold and contamination.


Just like any other cat-friendly product on the market, Drinkwell Platinum has its advantages and disadvantages.

Requires deep cleaning
While the detachable parts are safe for dishwasher cleaning, it?s advisable to manually clean them once or twice per week in order to make sure no mold and contamination will spoil your kitty?s fountain.

Filters need to be changed often
You?ll need to replace the original charcoal filters with new ones every now and then. Even though the fountain comes with a special pre-filter compartment which traps undesirable and potentially harmful debris and particles, you?ll need to stock up on additional filters.

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The pump is completely submersible and the water ramp makes the water flow as quiet as possible, but the device still makes relatively quiet noises, so some felines might need a bit of adjusting to their new fountain.

Regardless of its disadvantages, this product is definitely a leader in the market of automatic dispensable water systems for cats. If you?re looking for a?great cat product, which is healthy and budget-friendly, the Drinkwell Platinum fountain should be among your top choices.

The water fountain encourages your feline pet to drink more liquids and saves you from the trouble of cleaning and refilling the water bowls each day. The constant circulation of filtered water ensures that your kitty won?t suffer from dehydration-caused health issues, such as kidney failure and digestion problems.

The six-foot-long cable and the cord-tucks allow you to place the device away from an outlet and hide the unsightly cords from eyesight.?You can even set up the device with a timer so that it won?t?run all night long, if you or your cat find the quiet noise bothersome.

We strongly recommend the Drinkwell Platinum water fountain over PetSafe?s previous version and other pet fountains, regardless of your kitty?s breed and age. Of course, larger breeds like the?Maine Coon?or the?Persian?will need more water, but even with their daily water intake the 168 oz water container will satisfy them for up to?six days.

This product is great not only for a daily water supply, it?s also purr-fect for those times when you need to leave your pet home alone for a day or two due to an errand or an unexpected work trip.

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And if you?re wondering how to cope with leaving your cat home alone, check out the?best pet cameras?for cats. They are stocked with treat dispensers, video and picture options, interactive laser games and even voice recordings which you can play to your furry pet if it?s feeling particularly lonely.

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