Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Captain Whiskers

No one knows your kitties better than you do, but here are a few ideas of gifts that your cat may love. If you are too busy to go shopping, shop on your lunch break, just order it online!

The great thing about cats is that every day can be Christmas because they don?t have calendars.

1. Collapsible Cat Tunnel by Pet Magasin

Two fun cat tunnels for the price of one. Cats love crawling into boxes and bags and this collapsible cat tunnel gives the same kind of seclusion and fun with beautiful colors.

2. Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Wand

Easily captivate your kitten?s attention with this magical wand. It?s fun because you?ll be interacting with your cat, bonding and they?ll be getting lots of exercise. Everybody wins!

3. Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Cat Chaser Toy

Captain Whisker?s will love to watch the ball roll around like a little white mouse and then let off some steam by sharpening those claws on that cardboard scratching post.

4. Cat Hammock

Every cat loves a hammock and yours will too! I?m not kidding, they go insane for these things.

5. Evanger?s Cat Treat

Evanger?s is the best when it comes to dog and cat treats. The great thing is that you can give the same treat to both your dog and cat. A great gift for anyone with an inter-species home!

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