The Answer to the Question is Cats Can See Ghosts?

The Answer to the Question is Cats Can See Ghosts?

Many people wonder if cats can see ghosts? The fact is, the answer is yes, but you have to remember that they can’t see “things” in the ordinary sense of the word.

can cats see ghosts


Crows, by nature, are used to seeing and hearing, things that they simply don’t understand. They are far from stupid and are really clever animals.


For example, weasel are pretty much blind.

But their keen sense of smell and hearing helps them hunt and catch prey.

What does this mean for the question is cats can see ghosts?

Well, it means that the crows’ ability to ‘see’ is not restricted to the plane of physicality alone.

We have seen in other animals, that a thing which appears to be solid and impenetrable might actually be transparent and almost transparent.

In fact, even the sun might appear to be solid but it is actually just a fireball.

In humans, crows, as we mentioned earlier, do have some limited understanding of these principles. And the same goes for our cat friends.

Why is it important to know the answer to the question is cats can see ghosts?

  • Well, because cats have a very good sense of hearing is something that is very important in any situation, where one has to communicate with another animal.
  • A cat’s ears are so fine that they can pick up frequencies so low that no man would be able to hear them.
  • Cats do this quite naturally and without them being aware of it.
  • They are usually quite capable of hearing noises as low as twenty decibels which is roughly the level of a hummingbird or the chirping of a honeybee.
  • So, it’s subject to debate whether a crow’s ability to hear is in fact a talent and not a side effect of them being a crow or not.

Some say it is but I personally think it is not.

Anyway, crows and other birds are not the only animals who can hear, so why can cats?

  • The answer is that when a cat is looking for a source of sound, they are actually listening and not just eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation.
  • They are really doing their part to adapt to their new environment. If you have ever been in a place where there was a buzzing, or a whistle sound, such as a telephone line or that of a train, you would have noticed that there is a rush of air as your nose was drawn into that breeze.

It is this sound that a cat is drawn to, just as you would be drawn to someone whistling or talking to you. A cat wants to listen to whatever is making the noise.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your cat to stand beside you while you were having an awful conversation and use their ability to listen, so it’s certainly not a bad idea to use a purring sound instead. So, the answer to the question is cats can see ghosts is a resounding “yes”.

Do Cats Have Night Vision?

Many people wonder if cats have night vision.

While they may not have the ability to see in the dark, it is very possible that they have some type of natural ability to see in the dark.

Many wild cats, such as cheetahs and tigers, have been known to use their echolocation to find prey.

  • In the wild, the prey they choose to hunt and kill can be camouflaged enough that it blends in with its surroundings.
  • In order to find this prey, the cat will need to have some way of finding the location and direction of it, or a method of determining its distance from them.
  • In many areas, there are people who are able to train their cats to use this instinct to find them, and they can see with the same clarity as if they were seeing in the daytime.

Sometimes cats will do this without humans being involved at all. You may notice that cats will bring a trail of food back with them after hunting for a while.

In these cases, the prey may have been camouflaged enough that it is hard to tell exactly where it was, but you know that it has been located.

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In order to see this, you need to turn on your computer and look at your monitor or television and see if you can see the trail.

Cats have the ability to see in the dark, and they have been known to use this ability to catch prey.

The problem is that they do not always catch anything, and they can become very skittish when hunting in the dark.

If you have noticed your cat becoming more timid in the dark, you should consider trying to teach him or her to hunt using the ability that they have.

Why Does My Cat Hear Frequencies Four to Five Times Higher Than Humans?

cat hear frequencies four to five times higher than we can

For many people who have cats, your cat may be able to hear frequencies that you cannot.

This means that they may be able to hear frequencies at frequencies that are above and beyond what is audible to humans.

For example, there is some research that has shown that there are some kinds of marine life that can hear at frequencies that are above the normal human hearing range.

Some cats may be able to hear frequencies up to eight times higher than what we can hear.

To a cat, hearing frequencies four to five times higher than human hearing is not a problem. They will think that the frequency is normal. However, when your cat does this, it is known as hearing loss.

There are several ways to test if your cat is hearing frequencies four to five times higher than human hearing.

  • The best way to test is to listen to the frequencies that your cat is hearing, and then compare it to what you can hear in your own normal hearing range.
  • Try listening to it with your ears, and then again in the car or on your headphones so that you can hear the difference.
  • You should find that the frequency sounds slightly lower than normal.
  • You should also note the number of rounds it takes for you to hear each sound.

This is how you know that your cat is indeed hearing frequencies four to five times higher than you are.

Why Do Cats Kill Rabbit?

Cats are excellent predators

Cats are excellent predators that can prey on a variety of different types of prey.

Many people will not understand why cats would kill rabbits, as they have so many other natural prey to eat such as rodents and birds.

Even though rabbits are a common sight in nature, they are not as abundant as other types of animals that can be hunted.

There are numerous reasons for this.

  • The first reason for this is because cats have an easier time catching prey than rabbits are.
  • Their coats are very long and soft, making it easier for them to bite through their prey.
  • They also have a great sense of smell, which makes them excellent hunters.
  • Another reason for cats being good at hunting is because of the easy access to their natural prey.
  • There are many rabbits all over the place.
  • The only thing that may stop them from doing this is the fact that some of them are hiding during the day.
  • As cats can smell animals at a distance, they have been known to track them out of their hiding spots.

Once they find them, they will begin to eat them. This means that there is a much greater chance of finding the rabbit, especially if you have a cat living with you.

Although many people do not realize it, cats are excellent predators and are not bad in the way that they are treated by a family.

Most cat owners understand that they can be unpredictable, but they also know that their pets can be very smart and are capable of great feats.

In fact, it is very rare for a cat to eat anything but a mouse, bird egg.

However, cats are very good at hunting their own kind.

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It is not unheard of for a cat to eat a deer or a rabbit, as they love their natural prey and will chase after them until they catch one.

Do You Think Your Cat Has Excellent Auditory Cones?

cats having excellent auditory faculties

Do you think that your cat has an excellent auditory faculties? Are they able to hear sounds that are audible to humans?

Cats have ears that are proportionate to their small bodies and work the same way that humans do.

You can be assured that when you let them out, you will not disturb other animals that use the same grounds as yours.

They have ears that point in the direction of the source of their hearing, so there is no need for them to constantly be exposed to new noises.

Cats are capable of hearing noises in all forms, especially when they are outside.

Sometimes they could only hear the sound of wind outside, but if they are inside their home, it’s even more likely that they could hear the rustling of bedding, flooring or cloth of furniture.

They could also detect a source of warning from people or cats and run away if they hear it or see it.

In fact, some cats were trained not to bite people, the same way cats bite other animals that may try to make contact with them.

They are constantly being encouraged to keep away from people, as it is very likely that it will trigger an instinctive response of defending themselves.

Do you know that your cat has excellent auditory faculties?

It doesn’t just depend on your way of thinking, just be sure that you always put food on the table near it.

  • If you have pets at home, you should spend time playing with them to ensure that they don’t miss the sounds of the garden, pets, people and sometimes the birds, which give off noises similar to their own.
  • Some people have observed that cats are also unable to hear the difference between different kinds of music.
  • It seems that cats are not different from the usual humans and when it comes to hearing, they may be more inclined to sound.

Signs Your Cat Can See Ghosts – Book Review

Signs Your Cat Can See Ghosts is the first book by Chas Smith and it’s set in a world where the need for darkness has been forgotten.

He has started with a small town but soon he realizes that he must get out, perhaps he will meet a lady who would like to have a life of her own.

A daughter he never knew was left behind in the afterlife.

All hope seems lost when he meets someone he was meant to meet and someone who knew the ending of his story.

Signs Your Cat Can See Ghosts


Signs Your Cat Can See Ghosts is a spiritual, surprising and refreshing novel that is a definite must read.

The concept, as stated by the author is very uplifting, especially for those who are already emotionally drained.

It is so timely; if we can only stop talking about our troubles in life, then we are all doomed.

Smith is able to portray such vivid images that he makes us ponder on what life has in store for us in the future.

He goes through such painful moments that he was moved to write this book which helps us forget how hard life can be.

This is where Chas Smith is able to make a different from most other authors of today and his first book is definitely worth the time and money invested in it.

Chas Smith writes with such love and compassion that he made me want to read more. There are pages which give us the sound, sight and feel of a ghostly encounter and I think that’s what makes him so unique is that.

I enjoyed every moment reading Signs Your Cat Can See Ghosts because it gave me a feeling of nostalgia.

Chas Smith writes with such compassion that you want to continue reading after the first paragraph.

He is like a well-loved grandfather that lets us read his stories. He brings out some wonderful memories in me and reminds me of what I am dying to forget.

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Sometimes we do not appreciate the little things; the nice side of life and Chas Smith brings those things out and makes us realize the true meaning of life.

Chas Smith has brought out a love of storytelling in all of us, so we should all try his books. We should all share his passion of sharing stories.

His love of telling stories brings out the best in us and I am sure that we all can’t wait to know what else is coming up in his book.

Signs Your Cat Can See Ghosts was a great read. It was a book I couldn’t put down. I didn’t wish I had written it because I could not wait to read his next one.

I want to get back to reading books because I love what he is doing and what he is sharing with us.

Chas Smith has really changed the way I look at the world. His books will definitely stick with me and will help me always remember the good in life.

Discover How Cats Can Detect Unexpected Fires

Cats also have the ability to detect impending disasters. It’s instinctive for them. To help prepare us humans, they provide a tremendous service, by just informing us when something is not quite right.

The reason you see so many cats being overlooked for litter boxes is because they know that someone is going to try to catch them.

They are well-trained. The dog will go to its designated area, but the cat is more cautious.

It can sense the owner approaching and can recognize when he or she is not ready to see the litter box.

This is why you don’t always see cats caught in the act of defecating in the home when the owner comes home.

Cats also have the ability to detect impending disasters, including fire.

They warn us before the smoke begins to rise, and it can be too late.

If you are smart about using a portable fireplace, this should help you spot the problem early on.

They are nocturnal creatures and prefer to keep to themselves when the day is fresh.

To let others know they are in trouble, they will let us know in a variety of ways.

One of the warning signs your cat may give you is if you find it moving around a lot more than usual.

Also, your cat may be hiding under the couch, out of sight. If this happens, you can call the vet.

The other way that cats can detect impending disasters is if you notice your cat continually checking out its surroundings.

It might be nervous about anything, including the potential of fire.

The other way your cat can detect when there is a danger of fire is by the way it shivers when it senses smoke. It will become more alert, and it might move out of the area you are in.?

Don’t wait for the cat to take action. Keep an eye on it, and use a smoke detector in the smoke.

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