Make Your Cat Famous on Instagram

Making your cat Instagram famous unfortunately requires a bit more than sharing some grainy iPhone photos.

There are a lot of cats out there and just as many owners trying to make them famous.

That?s why we at Cats Are On Top decided to put together this guide to help you.

Top 5 Tips for Making Your Cat Famous in 2022

  • Own a photogenic cat

Your cat doesn?t have to be a pedigree, but they should look good in photographs. That means well-groomed and healthy.

Cats with distinctive features also do well on Instagram. As like,?Hamilton the Hipster Cat has white fur around his mouth forming the perfect moustache. People will love your cat for their distinctiveness.

  • Work out your cat?s unique appeal.

Nobody cares about seeing pictures of your cat doing the same things every other cat does. You need to find your cat?s niche- what sets them apart from the rest of the feline world.

  • Get creative!

No matter how sweet your cat is, they?re probably not very interesting on their own. Once you?ve decided your niche, play around with costumes and Photoshop to highlight your cat?s individuality. Take advantage of any holidays or current affairs to get your cat dressed up.

  • Hash tags Are Your Friend

Hash tagging a photo with relevant tags allows you to access people who are interested in seeing photos like yours. Don?t hold back on the tags, you want to be visible in as many places as possible. If you?re worried about looking desperate in your captions, then post them as a comment as soon as you upload the photo.

  • Product Placement Will Make You $$$

Show brands that you?re willing to collaborate by showcasing?products?that you already own for your pet. If your cat has a?favorite toy?get some high quality and fun photos of them playing with it. Tag the brand in the photo and write about how much your pet loves the product and why. This will encourage other brands to approach you for potential paid work.

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