Why Do Cats Always Get Run Over

What Causes Cats To Run Over Cars?

Cat owners have been complaining about how their cats are getting run over by cars every now and then

However, there is a reason for this; cats tend to be very agile and they do not like being on concrete or asphalt.

Cats get run over by cars between the ages of 7 months to 2 years

Cats get really excited when they run around in small spaces, so they can sometimes go into an accident with other vehicles. 

  • The driver may not be able to see that their car has hit a cat, which can cause a big accident and possibly a serious injury. If you notice that your cat is running up and down your driveway every now and then, it is time for you to take action.
  • Cats tend to be fearless. They tend to ignore the warning signs of accidents because they are not afraid of death. They are naturally curious about all the cars that are going by and they want to play with them, but they are afraid that they may hurt themselves.
  • It is best for your cat to stay indoors before an accident occurs. 
  • Once your cat is safe and sound, it is time to bring them outside to enjoy the sunshine and the grass. The longer they spend out of danger, the more comfortable they will become.
  • Cats get hurt just as much as humans do. If they are constantly running around, you should try to give them a place where they can move around more freely in order to prevent accidents from happening. You will find that playing with them will make them happier and more contented.
  • Remember, accidents are a natural part of life, and most people enjoy being in them. It is just nice if the unexpected accident is something that you would prefer to avoid.

Cats do not appreciate having to sit on their tail while you clean up their mess, which is why you should make sure that you take them outside when they have to go. As long as you keep your yard clean, they will not feel that they have to go inside to play with you.

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Cats do not like to be separated from you. So the more that you enjoy playing with your pet, the more they will get to like you and the less likely they are to get injured.

Cats Do Not Get Run Over – 6 Years and Older Are Less Likely to Get Run Over

cats do not get run over over 6 years or older were less likely

We have all heard of the myth that cats do not get run over because they are afraid of people, but this is just a myth. The fact is that cats get run over by cars and other vehicles, but they are just being cautious.

There are many different ways to prevent car accidents from happening to cats, so make sure you do not take chances.  Be sure to let your cat stay indoors to avoid accidents.

Road Traffic Accident Statistics on older cats

The statistics show that the probability of a road traffic accident for cats who are aged six or over has reduced steadily

The statistics also show that the occurrence of the road traffic accidents increased steadily, from approximately eighty to ninety per year.

Why You May Want To Consider Own An Indoor Cat

If you are in the market for a new cat, or even if you have an older cat who just seems to be doing less of the things that you love, then there are several reasons why you may want to consider using an indoor cat. 

For example, while you may not want to let your cat outside every time it goes to the bathroom, they are still cats, and they will find their way outdoors from time to time. 

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An indoor cat will not cause any problems in your yard, which means that you don’t have to spend money on a cat fence just to keep it away from your house. 

An indoor cat also has the benefit of allowing you to spend more time with your cat, which may mean that you get to know your cat better over the course of time.

cats as they get older such as spending indoors reducing traffic accidents

Although it is important to understand why you may want to think about owning an indoor cat instead of a large wild cat, it is also important to know why the indoor cats are better than wild ones. 

An indoor cat will not roam as far as the wild cat, because they have a home of their own that they have made. 

As a result, an indoor cat will not get lost as easily as a wild cat would. 

They will also not become confused when they see strange people coming towards their house, because they do not experience any unfamiliar sights. 

In addition, an indoor cat does not spend as much time outside in the wild as a wild cat does. 

Many studies have shown that cats who live in homes with a cat-proofed outdoor area spend less time outside in the wild, and thus can be considered “wilder” cats. 

The best way to ensure that your home remains cat-friendly is by keeping your house as cat-proofed as possible and getting an indoor cat.

Finally, because indoor cats are healthier than their wild counterparts, the cost involved in caring for them is lower. 

Because they are not exposed to the same elements that make their wild cousins sick, these cats are much less likely to get cancer, eye infections, cataracts or other common illnesses. 

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This will also cut down on the amount of money that you need to spend on vet bills, since you can make sure that your cat stays healthy.

The Male Cat is More Likely to Be Hit by a Car

It is commonly believed that female cats find it easier to roam the streets after they have given birth and therefore the theory is that the only reason why the males found to spend more time outdoors compared to female cats.

males found to spend more time outdoors female cats likely road accident

You should also consider the possibility of the male cat being hit by a vehicle since it can result from a road accident. 

When it is hit by a vehicle it could leave some permanent damage to the cat’s body and may even lead to the death of the animal. 

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