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Why Does My Cat Sleep In The Same Place

Why Do Cats Reinforce Their Scent on Their Territory?

It’s interesting to note that cats reinforce their own scent on designated places on their territory. 

If you’ve ever observed a cat going out to forage, then you’ve likely noticed their scent marks. These can appear in a variety of different spots. 

Cats reinforce their own scent on designated spots on their territory
  • Once your cat finds a new scent to mark, she will quickly go back to her original spot. 
  • However, if you have other cats in the area, then your cat will find it harder to find her way back home if she has lost her sense of smell. 
  • As such, it’s important to make sure that other cats get used to her scent as well. 
  • The best way to do this is to mark your cat’s territory by spraying it with some kind of marking spray or scent. 
  • This will get your cat used to the scent and make her less likely to stray when it comes time to mark.
  • The reason for this is that cats are territorial by nature and as such, they would be sensitive to any sort of spray.

The Different Ways Cats And Other Animals Contribute To The Community Scents In Your Home

  • Cats are very social animals and contribute to the community scents in the home
  • They do this by marking their territory with urine, scratching and marking with hair. 
  • The smell of your cat’s urine is detectable by others around you and this acts as a signal that it is time for you to take him out to the bathroom. 
  • Your cat will have marked his territory by spraying urine and you can tell this by watching for white specks on the floor. 
  • This tells you that he has marked his territory in your home and it is time for you to take him outside to relieve himself.
Cats also contribute to community scents
  • Other animals in the local area, like raccoons and foxes will also mark their territory. 
  • By sniffing at the scent of your cat, they will know if they have crossed over into yours by smelling the scent of your cat urine. 
  • They also get a sense of security from marking their territory by marking the scents of your cat. 
  • This helps to maintain their own social structure within the community and you don’t have to worry about having to use the house each night to go out to relieve yourself, since these animals know that if they come near your cat it will attract the attention of you and they will relieve themselves nearby. 
  • This also helps them to avoid being attacked by other predators in the area
  • Cats and other animals also contribute to the community scents by cleaning up urine and making it available to others.
  • By observing the behavior of your cat, you can see how they also contribute to the community scents in your home. 
  • There are so many different types of animals in the local area that cats can live with, and it makes sense to take the time to see how they behave around different animals. 
  • Cats also contribute to the community scents of the area by marking their territory with urine. 
  • This is a natural part of their life and helps to maintain a stable and healthy environment.

A Way to Keep the Smells Out of Your Home

Cats rub on you so that your scents mingle together reinforcing your bond, but this doesn’t always mean you should try to get rid of your cat. 

It does mean that you should do something about the smell. 

The best thing is to simply be able to control the smell of the cat by using a product that is designed to be applied to the cat’s skin and not on your hands. 

There are many types of odor control products that you can use that will effectively remove the smell from your home by putting it on your cat’s skin and allowing it to dry on the cat before you throw it away.

Cats rubs you so your scents mingle together reinforcing your bond

One of the biggest problems with most people is that they don’t realize just how much the smells affect their lives. 

Even if they have a smoke detector that works, or a dog and cat food dispenser, or an air purifier, it can’t help if there is a constant, strong scent that creeps through the house. 

Cats are one of the least likely things to get rid of the smells, but they do. 

Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet in the Bathroom

  • Cats like your scent because it is an essential part of their physical and mental state. 
  • It is their residual warmth which is not dissipated after they sleep. When they wake up, a lingering smell of you can be detected and this is what makes them feel comfortable and contented. 
  • If you are trying to get your cat to use the bathroom in the bathroom, then you will have to train him or her. 
  • This can be a daunting task because cats are more sensitive to touch than you may think. 
  • So if you want to train your cat, start by giving him or her a treat and a few minutes of time to potty.
Cats like your scent Its your residual warmth

Your cat is aware of the scent of the toilet because you are doing it. 

You should also keep it clean by making sure that you do not leave food on the toilet seat. 

The toilet seat should always be used as soon as it has cooled off. 

If you allow your cat to go potty outside, then make sure that he or she is wearing some sort of protective clothing. 

There should be a collar with a small bell on it so that your cat will know that its outside. 

Cats love to play outside and they love to smell fresh and clean so it is important that they know they cannot come inside if they are not clean.

In order for you to successfully train your cat to use the toilet in the bathroom, you should take your cat to the restroom when you are there. 

  • This way, the cat will learn that it is acceptable to use the bathroom. 
  • If you cannot take your cat out at the time you visit the restroom, then try to make sure that there is a mirror in your room. 
  • Cats have amazing memories and they can easily remember where they have used the bathroom. 
  • Once your cat has remembered the place, try and use it in the future when you visit the bathroom. 
  • If you do not want to make him or her familiar with the place, you can leave a small bowl of water there. 
  • This will help to reinforce your cat’s memory and help him or her to recognize the place.

How Cats That Sleep Together Are Showing the Most Implicit Trust in Each Other

Cats that sleep together are often displaying the most explicit form of trust in each other. Many of us have wondered what a cat is hiding or feeling when it’s not around its mate. This is a great question to ask, because there is much more to cats than meets the eye. In fact, it’s surprising just how much more there is to cats than what we think.

Cats that sleep together are showing the most implicit trust in each other

Most of us know that cats display an obvious behavior pattern called “the territory routine.” If they are near their mate, the litter box is used frequently, and the entire litter tray is filled at night. 

The next day, if the litter tray isn’t full, the litter box will again be used. 

When one cat goes off without the other’s permission, this behavior is often followed by a fight between the two animals. 

But what many people do not realize is that this fight is a very subtle form of bonding. 

The cat is not fighting to protect its territory against the other animal, but is using aggression against the individual who has stolen his affection. 

It could be the cat trying to get to his mate, or the other animal trying to get to his litter box.

  • Cats can be very manipulative. 
  • If your cat is constantly using a litter tray to get to his litter box, he may be trying to steal your affection from someone else. 
  • There is no need to call the animal’s attention when he is behaving strangely. 
  • The best way to respond is to gently push him away and keep him off the area until he stops acting out. 
  • If this doesn’t work, then you can try moving your furniture so that it is on his side, but not closer to the area where he sleeps.

Preventing Cats From Scratching Your Bed

If you’ve ever been home and had an animal to enter your house, chances are they entered through the bedroom. Because cats are nocturnal, it’s not uncommon for them to use the same pathway as we do – the door and windows are the first places that they go.

 As a result, if you want to keep your home cat free from your scent, you will have to catch them as they come through the bedroom, or at least keep them from going through it in the first place. 

Here are a few tips to consider if you think your cat might be scratching the bed in your room:

Cats in bedroom is the place where your scent is strongest

First, you have to figure out what your cat likes to do. If your cat likes to sleep on your chest, then it’s possible she is trying to make her way into your room. There are other ways for her to get to your bed, though – such as opening the curtains or pulling the sheets back so that the room gets a cleaner look. 

  • Cats love to mark their territory by making a mark on something they’re familiar with, and they love to sleep on your bed so much that they may actually be marking it as their own! 
  • Once you know what she likes, then you can work on keeping it from happening. You can also try using a few of these tips, and she won’t be able to get into your room.
  • Another thing you can do to keep your cat from being able to get into your bedroom is to simply train her not to smell anything that you don’t want her to. 
  • It can be frustrating to have a cat that wants to get into the room, but isn’t able to. 
  • Since your cat probably doesn’t like to use her paws to open the curtains and do other things, it’s important for you to simply train them not to sniff your bedding, toys and other belongings. 

One simple solution is : You can also simply put a scratching post in your bedroom so that she will get used to scratching the post and not your bed.

This will keep them from becoming confused about what they’re supposed to be doing in your bedroom and may even prevent them from coming in to the first place!

Why Cats Always Sleep On Top Of Fridge

Learn How to Keep Your Cat Off Their Food

Cats like to be on top of the refrigerator often provide warm

It is a well known fact that cats love to be on top of the refrigerator because it gives them a sense of security

  • This is what we call an illusion of security because there are other animals and people around the refrigerator but your cat does not know they are not under his or her control, so it feels safe and at home.
  • Cats also like to be in their own little world because the refrigerator is often a boring place to spend time. If they feel they are safe and secure, they tend to relax and they will explore.
  • Most cats enjoy the feeling of being a little free when they are on the top of the refrigerator. 
  • They will explore the area, smell some food, and may start to meow. 
  • You can actually train a cat to come to the top and stay there, so when they are hungry they can stay there as well. But when they are not hungry they tend to just move to the bottom of the refrigerator and do their normal activities.
  • Many cats enjoy playing in the refrigerator and if you provide toys or other things to make this more fun, you may find your cat will spend more time here than the others. 

When your cat is on top of the refrigerator, they feel free and they want to explore

  • When you are entertaining them, the best time to give them toys is while they are eating.
  • If you are in the kitchen and have no food or water available, it gives them a warm feeling to think they are in their house where they can eat and drink. 
  • If you take the time to feed them at least two small bowls full of food at a time, they will spend time moving from one bowl to another to find more food. Some people use plastic containers with food in them, and other people just use empty bowls with water and cat food.
  • Cats have a lot of trouble getting off of their food, but if they feel secure and they believe they can get off the food, they will. 
  • Sometimes they eat the cat food and other times they may go back for more. This is natural, as long as you do not let them out the bowl for a long time or they may get hurt.
  • To teach your cat to stay off their food, you can simply take away all the cat food, put them all in one container, or place them in a separate bowl. 
  • The cat will learn to know which bowl they should go to, and they will not get stressed. when they see their food is being taken away. 
  • If you give them the same bowl every day, they will learn the consistency of going to the same bowl when they are hungry.
  • When it is time to feed your cats, it is important to be patient. Try taking them out in the yard and try to feed them at the same time each day until they get used to the idea of eating in a different area. Give them treats once in a while so they remember what they are supposed to do.
  • Cats love to watch you, but they are a curious animal and they may get off the food and run off. If they do get off the food and run off, get them back into the food bowl so they can continue to watch you. When you are out and about, they may become excited about having you around, but do not make contact with them. This will discourage them.

Cats enjoy having attention and if you are not giving them attention, they may become bored. 

They are not hungry but may be nervous. 

They will probably hide in their cage in case you are not around. 

Do not take the time to pet them when they are hiding. 

If you are out and about, it is a good idea to carry treats with you, they will get the idea that you want to interact with them and will come running to you for attention.

Why Do Cats Like to Be on Top of Refrigerator on Sunny Places to Snooze?

cats like to be on top of refrigerator on sunny places to snooze
  • You might think that cats like to be on top of the refrigerator because it gives them the opportunity to stretch out and rest. 
  • While some cat lovers consider this as a luxury, many cat owners believe that it is a necessity. 
  • They say that a cat is a living animal and they cannot do without it because it is their part of body language and if they do not have it, they cannot purr. So, what do they do?
  • Cats like to be on top of the refrigerator on sunny places to snooze because it provides them the ideal place to lay down and sleep. 
  • Some cat owners even claim that cats feel safe in the refrigerator when the temperature goes up. Indeed, it is a fact that cats like to be on top of the refrigerator on sunny places to snooze.
  • On warm summer nights, cats prefer to rest in the refrigerator. They feel safer in a cool and comfortable environment, especially when the temperature drops below freezing point. They are more likely to sleep soundly when the temperature drops.
  • When you want to provide your cat with a safe and comfortable place to rest and lay down, you can use metal or wooden cat trees. 
  • Cats love this type of cat tree because it provides a place for them to rest and sleep comfortably. It is also a safe and sound place to spend the night because of the cat’s natural instincts of hunting and protecting.
  • The metal cat trees are made of strong metal, which is very durable and easy to clean. 

They also do not need much cleaning because most of them come with soft-sided storage bins. 

Wooden cat trees however need to be regularly cleaned so that there will be no accumulation of dirt. You will also have to vacuum the furniture to remove any soil.

Pet trees come in many styles and designs, but the most important thing is that they provide an excellent place for your cat to play and sleep. It is a good idea to include a scratching post or two in the design because this will provide your cat with some protection from any possible threats that may attack them when they are sleeping.

If your cat is going somewhere else for the night, you can also give them something to keep them occupied while they are there. 

There are many cat toys that are designed with soft materials, such as cotton balls, and canyon rods. and they make great cat toys. 

Just make sure that these cat toys are safe and comfortable for them to play with because they can get hurt if they slip into their dishes.

Cats like to be on top of the refrigerator on sunny places to snooze because they know that this is where they feel safe and comfortable. 

If your cat does not have a lot of space to lie down, you can buy some cat trees to provide them with this type of shelter. They will feel safe, comfortable, and secure when they are resting at home and snoozing in a cool and cozy environment.

When choosing cat trees, remember that different varieties are meant to fit different spaces. You will need to measure the size of the area that you would like to put the cat tree and measure it from one side to the other. When measuring, you should take into consideration that the cat tree might need to be mounted on brackets or other supports.

Cats Can Learn to Patrol Or Surf Countertops

Cats can learn to patrol or surf countertops

What do you think about when it comes to cats that learn to patrol or surf countertops? If you have a cat, chances are, your cat probably does. The best way to keep your cat from doing this is to train them not to. If they understand that you are not going to stand for that behavior, and that they will get in trouble if they keep it up, then they are going to stop.

Cats that learning to swim are usually the most dangerous. There are more dangers to cats than there are to swimmers. Cats will drown a lot quicker if they are drowning. They can get hurt because of being stuck underneath water for extended periods of time. The biggest danger for cats is actually getting their paws stuck into the water.

  • Cats that learn to patrol or surf countertops tend to jump on tables. 
  • You will find that if you have a cat that jumps on tables, they often get food all over the place, and they can really mess up your kitchen counter. 
  • Most people that have cats that jump on tables find that these cats just cannot keep up and will eventually end up having to move to another house.
  • A great danger for the cat is that they may break some glass. 
  • Not just glass on the counter top, but any type of glass. 
  • If you have a cat that loves to eat and jump on tables, then they are most likely going to break some glass somewhere, whether it is in your kitchen the bathroom, or anywhere else around your home.
  • Now, let’s say that you have cats that just love to roam the floor or your counter top. 

When you notice your cat jumping around on the floor or around the counter top, you need to try to teach your cat not to do that. 

This is especially important if your cat is just learning to go down to the kitchen and get a snack. 

Just make sure that the cat does not have something that can hurt it when it jumps. For instance, the cat could be eating a mouse or a chip.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that you have your countertop completely covered. You will want to make sure that no part of the counter top is showing. at all. Then, start placing objects on the floor, like the floor, the counter top, or in corners of the room where you will be placing the object, that your cat should not go to.

You could place a few toys on the counter top and the floor that your cat should not go to as well. Make sure that these are ones that do not cause injury, such as small balls or things made of small pieces of paper or cloth. A large stuffed toy would be fine. You could also place small stuffed animals in these areas as well.

When your cat starts to use these areas as it learns to patrol or surf countertops, take a couple of minutes and put the toys away. If the cat still does not get the point that you are not going to allow them to do that behavior, then take the toys back out of the area and place them in another place, and place the same object back. until your cat gets it.

Cats are territorial, and you don’t want them to feel that they are getting into trouble by having the toy there. Eventually, your cat will get the idea that this is a place that your cat wants to go to, but it will take a while for that to happen.

After the toys are gone, you can start placing your counters or your counter tops around your house in another location. and slowly move your counters or counter tops in one direction so that they are closer together. The cats will understand that when they go to one place, the other one is going to the other. and the place they will be able to navigate to their favorite spot.

How to Keep Your Cat Away From Your Food

If you have cats, you know that they are always in search of tasty tidbits left behind everywhere. 

Cats often look for their food in places that people tend to forget to check, such as the trash or under your bed. 

  • However, cats are clever enough that they sometimes find hidden treats under our feet. So, if you have a cat, it is good to know that there are many things you can do to keep them away from your food.
  • If you do not want your pet cat to eat out of your hand, you should keep all of your food outside. You also need to make sure that you keep the food in a place where your cat cannot reach. 
  • This is especially important with young children and pets. Make sure to put your garbage in the garbage can at the curb or you can use a box. 
  • Make sure to keep your food inside the fridge, on a table or counter where it is not too close to anything that your cat might eat from.
  • Cats are naturally curious and will usually try to explore an unfamiliar area. Your cat is most likely searching for food in the same way. If you are unable to find any food on your own, give your cat some toys that they can play with.
  • Another way that you can keep your cat away from your food is to keep them indoors during the night. They can get easily hungry if they do not have access to their favorite food. In the morning, make sure to clean the dishes and other utensils in order to prevent them from eating them. 

Remember to give your cat a treat when they eat from your dish, because cats love a bit of food every once in awhile.

When it comes time to feed your cat, be sure to give them only one treat. This helps to give them a sense of accomplishment when they get to eat. They will be less likely to find another treat for the next time they have a snack. As your cat grows older, give them more treats and praise them whenever they use your bowl to feed themselves.

Keep the food in a secure place such as your refrigerator, so that your cat cannot get to it. Also, keep your cat should never be allowed to eat in a place where food has been left to be stored, such as your kitchen. This is a common mistake made by most people.

If you are having trouble with your cat, consult your veterinarian to see what steps you can take to keep your cat away from your food. A visit to a vet can help you solve your cat problem. Remember that your cat does not need your food in order to stay healthy and happy.

Be sure to give your pet cat a good home when you see them looking for their favorite food. The more you give them a healthy environment, the happier they will be and the longer they will be around you.

Cats love to chew on things, and when they see a piece of paper or other material that will allow them to shred it up, this is a great way for them to get the exercise they need. Give your cat a toy to play with instead of letting them play with the paper all over your house. As you know, cats are inquisitive and if you give them an opportunity to explore, they will eventually figure out how to play with anything.

You will want to give your cat different types of food that are easy to digest. This helps prevent them from eating anything that is not meant for them. Give them meat that is high in protein and be sure to buy chicken or beef as well.

  • Giving your cat the right amount of exercise and keeping the area they are in nice and clean is also very important. Keeping the area clean and dry helps reduce the amount of time they spend grooming themselves.
  • Cats are a lot of fun to have around and they are actually quite healthy as long as they are not stressed out too much. All they need is a loving environment where they can run around and munch on a carrot while you read a book! Give them the attention they need and they will thank you.

Why Do Cats Always Get Run Over

What Causes Cats To Run Over Cars?

Cat owners have been complaining about how their cats are getting run over by cars every now and then

However, there is a reason for this; cats tend to be very agile and they do not like being on concrete or asphalt.

Cats get run over by cars between the ages of 7 months to 2 years

Cats get really excited when they run around in small spaces, so they can sometimes go into an accident with other vehicles. 

  • The driver may not be able to see that their car has hit a cat, which can cause a big accident and possibly a serious injury. If you notice that your cat is running up and down your driveway every now and then, it is time for you to take action.
  • Cats tend to be fearless. They tend to ignore the warning signs of accidents because they are not afraid of death. They are naturally curious about all the cars that are going by and they want to play with them, but they are afraid that they may hurt themselves.
  • It is best for your cat to stay indoors before an accident occurs. 
  • Once your cat is safe and sound, it is time to bring them outside to enjoy the sunshine and the grass. The longer they spend out of danger, the more comfortable they will become.
  • Cats get hurt just as much as humans do. If they are constantly running around, you should try to give them a place where they can move around more freely in order to prevent accidents from happening. You will find that playing with them will make them happier and more contented.
  • Remember, accidents are a natural part of life, and most people enjoy being in them. It is just nice if the unexpected accident is something that you would prefer to avoid.

Cats do not appreciate having to sit on their tail while you clean up their mess, which is why you should make sure that you take them outside when they have to go. As long as you keep your yard clean, they will not feel that they have to go inside to play with you.

Cats do not like to be separated from you. So the more that you enjoy playing with your pet, the more they will get to like you and the less likely they are to get injured.

Cats Do Not Get Run Over – 6 Years and Older Are Less Likely to Get Run Over

cats do not get run over over 6 years or older were less likely

We have all heard of the myth that cats do not get run over because they are afraid of people, but this is just a myth. The fact is that cats get run over by cars and other vehicles, but they are just being cautious.

There are many different ways to prevent car accidents from happening to cats, so make sure you do not take chances.  Be sure to let your cat stay indoors to avoid accidents.

Road Traffic Accident Statistics on older cats

The statistics show that the probability of a road traffic accident for cats who are aged six or over has reduced steadily

The statistics also show that the occurrence of the road traffic accidents increased steadily, from approximately eighty to ninety per year.

Why You May Want To Consider Own An Indoor Cat

If you are in the market for a new cat, or even if you have an older cat who just seems to be doing less of the things that you love, then there are several reasons why you may want to consider using an indoor cat. 

For example, while you may not want to let your cat outside every time it goes to the bathroom, they are still cats, and they will find their way outdoors from time to time. 

An indoor cat will not cause any problems in your yard, which means that you don’t have to spend money on a cat fence just to keep it away from your house. 

An indoor cat also has the benefit of allowing you to spend more time with your cat, which may mean that you get to know your cat better over the course of time.

cats as they get older such as spending indoors reducing traffic accidents

Although it is important to understand why you may want to think about owning an indoor cat instead of a large wild cat, it is also important to know why the indoor cats are better than wild ones. 

An indoor cat will not roam as far as the wild cat, because they have a home of their own that they have made. 

As a result, an indoor cat will not get lost as easily as a wild cat would. 

They will also not become confused when they see strange people coming towards their house, because they do not experience any unfamiliar sights. 

In addition, an indoor cat does not spend as much time outside in the wild as a wild cat does. 

Many studies have shown that cats who live in homes with a cat-proofed outdoor area spend less time outside in the wild, and thus can be considered “wilder” cats. 

The best way to ensure that your home remains cat-friendly is by keeping your house as cat-proofed as possible and getting an indoor cat.

Finally, because indoor cats are healthier than their wild counterparts, the cost involved in caring for them is lower. 

Because they are not exposed to the same elements that make their wild cousins sick, these cats are much less likely to get cancer, eye infections, cataracts or other common illnesses. 

This will also cut down on the amount of money that you need to spend on vet bills, since you can make sure that your cat stays healthy.

The Male Cat is More Likely to Be Hit by a Car

It is commonly believed that female cats find it easier to roam the streets after they have given birth and therefore the theory is that the only reason why the males found to spend more time outdoors compared to female cats.

males found to spend more time outdoors female cats likely road accident

You should also consider the possibility of the male cat being hit by a vehicle since it can result from a road accident. 

When it is hit by a vehicle it could leave some permanent damage to the cat’s body and may even lead to the death of the animal. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?

why does my cat sleep on my head

Why does my cat sleep on my head? Often cats will do this when they are tired, or they have just taken a nap.

There is nothing very pleasant about it at all, unless you have a cat that snores really loud!

Cats that snore get more sleep because they can keep their heads propped up on your shoulder, or you can prop them up by holding the back of their neck.

They will be much less likely to fall asleep when you do this.

The reason why my cat sleeps on my head is simply because it wants to relieve itself or it is wanting to run away from the other cats in the household, but you do not allow it to get away.

This is the main reason why cats do this – they want to escape!

Also, it is just the way that cats roll over and the best place for them to roll over is under your arm.

There are different reasons why your cat would want to roll over on you, but they usually all have to do with trying to get away.

  • When they roll over, they fall asleep, but if you try to pick them up you might wake them up by accident, so they start to roll over again.
  • This sounds like a cute little cat trick, but if you don’t understand cats you might be concerned that your cat is using your arm as a place to roll over.
  • If you are bothered by this behavior, then it’s time to take action, or you could be the cause of the problem.
  • Cat Snoring Kits are designed to help with getting rid of any problems that your cat may be having to sleep on your head.
  • They are normally quite expensive, but if you purchase the kit at a local pet store or vet’s office, it will generally be cheaper than a good night’s sleep for your cat.

There are a number of other reasons why cats will sleep on your head, such as when the cat’s parents did not teach the kittens to roll over well enough, or if the kitten’s parents went out of town and they had no one to turn to for help.

  • Sometimes this is simply how cats roll, but if you feel that it is an uncomfortable situation for your cat, or the problem is severe, then you should take action and make sure that the cats sleep is on your shoulder.
  • Cats love to be warm and this is another reason why they can roll over to relieve themselves.
  • They also like to stay close to you, and even if they cannot roll over on you, they can lay near you to keep warm and comfortable, while they relax in your arms.

How to Find a Warm Spot For Your Cat

It is inevitable that cats will occasionally snuggle up to you and give you a cozy feel.

And this happens to be the way cats start considering their warmest spot.

Cats are social animals and it makes sense that they may tend to favor one particular spot over others.

cats decision on finding the warmest spot to sleep

Now for a specific warmest spot, owners have to decide what to call it. Often you will find a spot in the cat’s house which is warm enough for them to sleep in.

Some of them might prefer the floor or the carpet. But this is not always the case.

For instance, your cat may prefer to lie on top of the sofa cushions but most owners find this is not an ideal place to sleep and that is why they settle for this spot.

In cases like this, they will have to try to get a better idea of what place they should sleep at night.

They can actually make use of a heater while they are trying to figure out what to do to get a good night’s sleep for their cats.

But the answer will be that there are several locations where they can place the heaters and these are just some of the more common places.

While this is a convenient way to warm up the area, it is also important to note that this is just a temporary solution.

There are other ways to get the heat that will keep your cats in the warm.

  • If the specific warmest spot for your cat is not where you can place the heater, there are some other alternatives that may help you make your decision.
  • If you do not mind spending some time looking for a good place to put the heater, then look for a place that is large enough to comfortably accommodate your cat and where it will not become a problem.
  • An option that may help you out is to try to buy a heater in a set because this will cut down on the amount of money that you will have to spend.

Another option is to purchase a cat’s bed which is specially designed to allow your cat to rest comfortably. These beds usually consist of a special layer of insulation which traps heat which can be transferred to the cats’ bodies and which helps them stay warm. The warmth that you get from these types of beds can make them the best place for your cat to sleep when it has no other option.

  • Choose the color of the bed which you want to put near the rest of your furniture if you prefer to have your cat in the room during the daytime.
  • It is important that you choose one which can be easily cleaned up and if it is too big to move around easily then look for a smaller type of bed which can fit in the corner of the room.

This will allow you to change it according to the type of your mood.

Getting to a comfortable comfort zone for your cats is not as hard as you may think. You just have to be aware of the things that need to be considered and use the available options which are available.

How Long Does a Cat Survive Without Food?

The average cat’s body temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to cause death, although not death from the cold as many people think. Rather, it is death from shock.

A cats average body temperature is 102 degrees Farenheit

The reason for this is that a cat’s body temperature is not like a human’s body temperature. When the average human body is at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it can survive being in a room of at least 68 degrees for about four minutes. It can even survive a day with its core body temperature at that level for four days if the temperature stays at this level. It can survive in a room of temperatures greater than these for up to seven days.

However, a cat’s body temperature is nowhere near the same level as a human’s, so even with an additional half-degree drop in temperature, it would be well within the time for survival for a cat to survive a week.

So, in addition to being in an area where temperatures are high, the answer to the question “How long does a cat survive without food?”

In reality, survival is usually not guaranteed because there is a food shortage for many cats.

However, some do survive. The three common reasons are dehydration, hypothermia and shock.

Dehydration is caused by over-exposure to water or other cool liquids; hypothermia occurs because the cat’s body temperature falls too low for proper metabolism of the body’s heat production; and shock occurs because the cat is experiencing a chemical imbalance that causes the metabolism to speed up instead of slowing down as normal.

Usually, the first sign of a cat’s body temperature dropping is a loss of appetite.

  • It’s not uncommon for the appetite to return after a few hours, but it will return only if the cat has water available and is resting comfortably.
  • If the temperature drops more than half-way to body temperature, the cat will begin to tremble and begin to shake uncontrollably, which is a sign of shock.
  • In addition to dehydration, hypothermia can occur when a cat experiences a food shortage.

It can take up to nine months for a cat to lose as much as one third of its body weight from hypothermia, so if a cat is losing significant amounts of weight it needs to be fed quickly and frequently.

Feline hyperthermia occurs when the cat’s body temperature becomes too high, and it can make a cat very lethargic and ill-tempered.

  • If the cat has been allowed to get extremely cold, and it’s become so hungry that it can eat on its own, then there is the chance that the cat may recover. However, it may be a matter of hours before it can eat again.
  • If a cat has lost a significant amount of weight, or if it seems to be getting worse, it should be given a bath and some water to drink to encourage it to drink more water. Since feline hyperthermia can be the first warning sign that a cat is starting to starve, early warning signs should be taken seriously.

Discover If Your Cat Likes Your Scent Before You Get Her to Like It

cat may like your scent particularly the smell of your hair

What I’m about to reveal may be a huge shock to you but I have come to realize that you will have to determine whether or not your cat likes your scent before you can start training her to love it.

  • This is because a lot of cats will get annoyed and irritated when you shower them with water as they will then think that you are saying “don’t bathe me” which would only make your cat sad and agitated.
  • When you shower your cat, always start by cleaning its face (where most of the scent glands are located) to get her accustomed to the idea of being bathed by you.
  • You can do this by putting some wet cotton balls in a baggy and using this to rub the area around her nose and ears to get her accustomed to getting wet.
  • As your cat gets used to getting wet, you can get her used to the idea of getting wet by applying warm water to her face.
  • Once she gets used to having her face exposed to you, it is now time to begin her introduction to the smell of your shampoo.
  • Get her close enough to you where you can get her to sniff you.
  • Also, let her sniff the shampoo bottle that has a scent on it but then gently place the bottle close to your nose and let her sniff you to gauge her reaction.
  • Once she gets used to sniffing you, gradually work towards a scent you want her to be more familiar with.
  • Some people prefer to use their scent soaps but this might not be the best way for everyone.
  • As a matter of fact, the best way is to use a small packet of cat smell soaps that have some scent left over which could indicate to your cat that you are grooming her.
  • Once you’ve gotten your cat to be comfortable around you and are very comfortable with her grooming habits, you can begin using scent and scented soaps or perfumes to provide your cat with some added comfort and security.
  • The use of fragrances is very beneficial to have your cat as it will help keep her calm and relaxed at night because of the way she reacts when she smells your scent.

Cats Are Also Territorial And Dominant Animals That Wanted To Mark Their People With Their Urine

Cat owners are in for a surprise, there are some cats that are also territorial and dominant animals that want to mark their people with their urine.

Some of the cats are not shy in marking their people.

The mark is the most obvious marking method by any animal that makes use of the marking capabilities of its urine.

Sometimes the marking is accidental but most of the time, it is deliberately done by the owner.

Some cats can get quite bold in marking the people they are familiar with and make their peeing pattern very well visible in the environment.

When the cat urine is dropped into the toilet bowl and disappears quickly, it is more than just a simple urine.

Cats are also territorial and dominant animals that want to mark their people with their scent

It is the marking of the owner of the cat that is mostly to blame.

A lot of the times when the owner is out, he will not come back after a while. So the cat knows the owner has gone out and marked him and so, he will mark the person that goes into the house when he returns.

Cats usually start marking others when they feel threatened or confused.

They are also territorial and dominant animals that want to mark their people with their urine.

They will do this until the marking is effective in a manner to make the person feel threatened and insecure.

One way of dealing with marking is by making sure the litter box is always clean.

It is good practice to clean the litter box before the cat uses it so the marking is lessened.

Cleaning the litter box twice a day and once a week is a good idea to be followed by cat owners.

Once the litter box is clean, it is more than easy to train the cat to urinate where ever the owner has marked him.

If it is a male cat that marks the female cat, it will spray the female cat and will mark her back.

This is more than likely because of the emotional bond between the two. It is the responsibility of the owner to always be around so he does not get into a relationship that could result in a fatal attack.

What Are Nocturnal Patterns in Cats?

You must also consider when you are going to feed your cats Nocturnal Patterns.

Nocturnal patterns include regular hours and sleeping times, and that will also be in accordance with the climate they live in.

There is also a phase of them that you might want to consider if you have problems with cat behavior problems such as aggression, or sometimes, this might even affect their personality.

This is really up to you as to whether or not you are looking for those two behaviors as well as, which one you are looking for.

Your Cats Nocturnal Patterns

Cats will have nighttime and daytime behavior patterns, so you need to make sure that you understand these before you start altering their diet.

Nocturnal patterns might be related to how much you feed them.

If you get it to the point where the cat is starting to get frustrated with your cat, or perhaps they are starting to act out of character, then you might want to look into what you are feeding them.

  • Cats may get aggressive when their nutrition is altered, and they will also not do well if you change the amount of food they eat.
  • You also need to make sure that you do not abuse them because the more you can show them love, the better off they will be.
  • When you are changing your cat’s Nocturnal Patterns, it can be a little confusing as to which one you are looking for.

You can find that a lot of the information on the internet is either incorrect or just not necessarily applicable to your situation.

You can read books that can tell you what to do, but the most important thing is to make sure that you change both behaviors.

You can also talk to a professional who can help you understand the Nocturnal Patterns better.

How to Change Your Cat’s Behavior – What Cats Do Not Have the Daily Sleep-Wake Cycle

It is well known that many cats do not have the daily sleep-wake cycle of a dog.

That is why they cannot wake up when you call them, it is not logical to a dog.

When you see your cat sleeping during the day, take them out for a walk. Show them how to wake up when you do and their trust in you will grow.

cats do not have the daily sleepwake cycle

It is common for us to allow our dogs to sleep through the day, but there is no reason for our felines to not have the daily sleep-wake cycle.

You can train your cat to be more independent.

You can start by teaching them that waking up during the day is a bad thing and they need to sleep instead.

Once they know that it is OK for them to get up and go out the door, then you can teach them other things such as going to the bathroom outside instead of peeing in the litter box, using the bathroom while your trying to get them to use the bathroom, walking on a leash or just sleeping in the bed.

  • Cats are wild animals and like to chase things.
  • You can make this training fun by buying some toys and hiding them all around the house.
  • While your cat is eating from them, you can give him something to chase around the house with.
  • When he wakes up he will be so excited and would feel happy because he was able to catch that toy.

Show him how to enjoy life.

You and your cat will love it when your cats know what is good for them.

Cats In The Wild Need To Hunt As Many Small Feathered Creatures As Possible

If you own a cat, then you know that they get their food from grass, berries, and the occasional insect.

So why do cats need to hunt as many as 20 small prey each day? Well, it’s not just about eating. Cats who live in the wild often hunt as a form of purification.

Cats in the wild are a lot like wolves, except they have different types of diet, food sources, and exercise.

A big part of that is that they don’t live in packs, which causes them to hunt in different areas to find food.

A lot of the time, they will eat their prey out of sight. By hunting in the wild, they will find the biggest and baddest prey of all, and that’s usually the easiest to catch and kill.

This also helps to provide them with the vitamins and minerals they need.

  • When a cat sees a big prey, they will chase after it until they can catch it.
  • Cats will stand on their hind legs and run down their prey like an animal, only using less energy than that of a human being.
  • The main reason for cats in the wild to hunt is to provide them with a healthy way to stay fit.
  • When they catch a big prey, the female will nurse it back to health so that it will be able to breed again.
  • It’s sort of like if you went out to the woods and hunted like a cat, and when you got tired of going, you would give birth to one of your own. I think that would be pretty cool, right? : )

Cats Are Nonetheless Flexible and Adaptable

Cats are nevertheless naturally flexible and adaptable creatures that have evolved as hunters and scavengers.

They also have a kind of mind-set and individual character that is quite unique in the animal kingdom.

  • Their personalities and sociability are fascinating.
  • Most of the cats in your home can learn a trick or two or more and they will run around to entertain themselves with these particular skills.
  • Apart from their ability to walk, they are known to climb ladders and can do tricks.
  • They are very playful and the effect that this has on the animals you will buy them from the pet store will be amazing.
  • This is not so much on any other pet in the pet kingdom.
  • Cats are moreover known to be loners that require companionship and affection in order to remain content.
  • Your new cat can become your best friend if you make it one by providing it with proper care and attention.
  • If the relationship between the cat and the owner or the person buying the cat from the pet store is laid out, the outcome will be positive for both of them.
  • Any kitty can be spayed, vaccinated and neutered in the animal shelter as it is a relatively healthy breed. The day-to-day care is generally the responsibility of the owner.
  • A cat is worth keeping just like any other animal.

The only difference is that cats are nevertheless flexible and adaptable. You could raise them in a manner that they will be happy and healthy and at the same time, provide the well-being of your family.

Even though it is true that all cats are alike, some may not have such talents as they can possess in certain aspects.

You just have to spend some time learning about them and being sure that what you learn is what you want to stay with your new pet.

Are Praying Mantises Endangered? Pests Or Pet?

Praying Mantis – Endangered?

Praying Mantis in North America none of the species are endangered

Globally There are an Amazing 2000 Species of Mantis

Globally there are an amazing 2000 species of praying mantis

The Giant Chinese Mantis can grow up to 4.3 inches!

Praying Mantis are very aggressive predators that will frequently take out small animals such as mice or hummingbirds.

All About Praying Mantis Insect

all about praying mantis insect

First of all, what is a praying mantis?

Mantis is an order of insects that includes more than 2,000 species in about 450 genera in about 720 families.

The largest family is called the Mantididae.

Most mantis are distributed around the world in tropical habitats.

There are six legs and two wings with the adult female and male have two wings.

These insects have powerful claws and mouth parts that enable them to catch flies and other small insects at an incredible speed.

  • The head of this insect is segmented and appears like the head of a spider, with a very long abdomen and a broad head band.
  • The first three segments of the body appear to be that of a fly, while the last two segments are like that of a spider.
  • The abdomen has long curving lines and appears to be segmented.
  • The short stout antennae have a headband-like base and the middle section has two rows of pointed projections.
  • The head has two large rounded horns, long proboscis, and a tail with two long projections.

The femur has a row of sharpened points at the end which are used in fighting with fellow ants.

Some species of the mantis family have beautiful colors.

They have dull brown color on the lower portion of their bodies, with red being present on their wings.

Some of them have lovely red coloring on their tail.

The abdomen has a brown stripe along it, while the hind leg has two black spots.

Usually, females of this insect wear a brownish color belly with dark colored tarsus.

  • The all about praying mantis has distinctive sounds, which can be compared to that of chirping birds.
  • It makes a sound like chirping that is repeated a number of times a day.
  • When the mantis stalks and concentrates its attention on a single insect, it makes a high-pitched sound, which is not audible to humans.
  • This insect can be found in Central and South America, though the most common species are discovered in the Antilles.

In nature, these insects hide in the shadows and crevices of tall trees, inside burrows of large animals, under rocks and logs.

They are diurnal.

Sometimes, they are seen flying around during dawn and dusk. During summer, all about praying mantis are seen out in the lawns and gardens.

They exclusively eat insects carrion, snakes and other arthropods.

Mantis defense systems consists of defense compounds that increase their speed and strength.

It is believed that the mantis has evolved from the ground up, through prey, rather than being an ancestor of the spider.

The legs of this creature are longer and stockier than those of the spider.

The tail, on the other hand, is shorter and less developed.

In addition, the female mantis has web-like hairs, which are used to grasp and stab its prey.

If you want to observe and photograph these creatures in their natural habitat, it is important to know what they look like.

Because they cannot fly or jump very far, they usually remain stationary and looking for an insect to catch.

Usually, females are twice as large as the male and cannot fly. While the male is half the size of the female and is able to fly.

However, most specimens of the all about praying mantis species are distinctively different from each other, in looks and behavior.

There are, of course, many stories and myths surrounding the all about praying mantis.

One popular story says that it was the princess who staid at a crossroads and was attacked by one of the monsters.

This mantis killed the princess with a stoneskin pendant. Another story says that a mantis flew by the princess looking for a partner. Once it found her, it left her and went back to its nest.

Overall, the praying mantis is considered to be one of the most efficient hunting machines among all insects.

They have powerful compound eyes that are capable of seeing in the ultraviolet spectrum.

This allows the mantis to hunt efficiently on a variety of different types of insects and small animals.

And, because they have powerful jaws, they are capable of killing other animals as well as capturing their young during the process.

All About the Chinese Praying Mantis

The Chinese praying mantis has been around for a long time. This insect has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years.

This insect possesses some extraordinary characteristics that make it an attractive addition to a modern home.

The Chinese praying mantis is native to Asia and also the nearby islands. In early 1896 this unique species was accidentally transported by a native nurseryman from Mt. Airy in Philadelphia, United States from Hainan, China.

chinese praying mantis

In the early spring time the female Chinese mantis lays eggs. The eggs are called “leftovers”.

The Chinese praying mantis will complete a metamorphosis in the process of laying eggs.

There are about four hundred species of the Chinese praying mantis, thirty of which are considered rarer than the tender sinensis species.

This species usually prefers humid, tropical environments but can be found living in drier climates as well.

Like all insects the Chinese praying mantis must meet a certain set of requirements before it is considered a suitable candidate for breeding.

One of these is that it must be able to produce sexual and reproductive eggs.

The eggs must be developed in an extremely warm environment and incubated for at least three weeks.

If any of these conditions are not met, the eggs will not be successful and this species will not reproduce.

Like most members of the Chinese praying mantis family the sinensis has a holothurian tube where one branch drops into the next.

This is composed of two paired tubes separated by an overhanging area known as the holothurium.

It is only in the southern region of the Chinese aridifolia that this type of mantodea occurs.

In the north it occurs in coniferous forests such as those in northern China, Mongolia and Tibet.

The color of the Chinese praying mantis ranges from grey green to a golden brown color with darker brown spots present on limbs and wings.

Sometimes there are red spots present on the body.

These spots on the body tend to grow larger and darker pigments.

They are nearly black when fully mature.

The underside of the wing has a whitish color with markings that are similar to that of a cockatoo.

The forewing lacks these markings but possesses a cream color on a white base.

This species of the Chinese mantis spends most of its time hunting small insects such as aphids. Other smaller flying creatures such as mosquitoes are also taken as prey by the Chinese praying mantis.

Its piercing jaws can capture even large prey items such as fish eggs. These elongated mouth parts enable it to take down other flying insects such as dragonflies and lacewings.

Unlike most insects, the Chinese praying mantis does not display any sexual behaviour. The courtship and mating process is based on the male’s interest in the female.

If the male is successful in fertilizing the eggs, he goes ahead and fertilizes the female’s body too.

The entire process of courtship and mating can last for up to a day.

After the mating process is over and the female flies off to find a suitable place to lay her eggcase called an ootheca which may produce 30 to 300 young mantids.

You have to remove the male mantis immediately after mating because in the wild the female mantis normally eats the male mantis alive after mating or during mating.

Sometimes the female mantis dies after mating.

The female mantis needs all the food and nutrition while laying tge eggcase which contains the eggs inside.

More Praying Mantis to Reduce Bugs

It’s not hard to see why many gardeners wish they had more praying mantis to reduce bugs in their vegetable gardens.

It is a very efficient hunter, able to catch and eat small animals and birds with great ease.

Gardeners often use it as an effective natural mosquito control. They will often place moth traps around their vegetable gardens and will often mist their outdoor areas with a protective spray.

Many gardeners wish they had more praying mantises to decrease bugs

This insect has been around for a long time and is well suited to gardens.

In fact, it is one of the first animals that people would have seen on earth.

Mantis lives in the Amazon rain forests and in many parts of the world.

The species that gardeners wish to control have a relatively short lifespan and would quickly die once they were eradicated from the area.

Mantis will feed on virtually any insect, including birds, lizards, and humming birds!

It is a specialist predator on small creatures that are within its habitat.

One method gardeners use is to bait pheromone traps which release a pheromone that attracts these animals.

The rest of the garden can then be treated as normal.

Praying mantis do not need much maintenance, but they do need a certain temperature level in which to live.

Because these animals are warm-blooded it is important that they can keep their body temperature elevated. Gardeners who allow their plants and flowers to come in contact with the ground may find that the bugs will grow rapidly.

If this is the case then it may be necessary to relocate plants or use heat lamps to bring down temperatures.

Gardeners also often attract bees to their gardens because of the bugs that they attract.

Many gardeners welcome the bees, but they must be kept in check as many of them are aggressive.

Gardeners may wish to plant certain plants and flowers to get rid of these aggressive bugs.

Some of these plants are in flower buds, grass, and foliage. Plants and flowers such as these are often targeted by these pests, so using heat lamps to bring down temperatures or making sure the soil is adequately drenched with water can help many gardeners get rid of these insects.

Lastly, many gardeners wish that they had more praying mantis to control aphids.

Aphids are one of the most common insect infestations in many gardens.

These insects attach themselves to a plant and feed on its juices, sucking the juices out of the plant in a very short amount of time.

This attracts other insects, which then start feeding on the vines of the plant. Although there is no way for a garden to completely control aphid invasion, it can be difficult to avoid an infestation of these insects.

Praying Mantis Will Helps Crops to Thrive As Farmers Best Friend

6 Facts: Is Praying Mantis Dangerous?

Praying Mantises Aren’t Generally Known To Bite People

Praying mantises are insects that belong to the family of mantis. They usually have grayish-green colored skin with red irises and their antennae are long and pointed.

Their forelegs are stronger than other types of insects and they can grasp onto their prey with their powerful front legs.

Praying mantis are known to catch their prey using their two powerful front legs which are bent backward.

Praying mantises arent generally known to bite humans

A praying mantis is not generally known to bite humans although it is possible that it can.

This is largely due to the fact that they are not considered to be dangerous, although they can cause some slight injury if handled roughly.

Although praying mantises are generally not aggressive insects, it is possible for them to become agitated or irritated if handled roughly.

Praying mantises are carnivores insects.

They also consume small animals including birds and reptiles. It’s not clear how much, if any, prey they take in their diets, however they have been known to attack and kill small mammals such as rats and mice.

Their strong mandibles allows them to chew and eat meat from these animals.

Their coloration allows them to blend in with the vegetation. However, you will notice them because of their distinctive way of moving.

Praying Mantises Mostly Eat Live Insects

Praying mantises mostly eat live insects as their main food.

Although you can see this from pictures, the truth is that they usually kill the insects that they eat with their mandibles.

This is one of the reasons why most people are having problems with them.

Praying mantises mostly eat live insects

First of all, you have to understand that Praying Mantises are carnivores.

Their favorite foods are cockroaches, earthworms, wax worms, spiders, and flies.

It is also important for you to know that Praying Mantises are diurnal in nature.

It should be noted that they prefer dense vegetation such as brush, undergrowth, and overgrowth.

Praying Mantises are prey animals. Most of the time, they hunt insects that come to eat their meat.

However, they also hunt birds and mammals that come to eat the insects that they bring home with them.

The reason behind this is so that they can use those insects as a source of nutrition so that they can grow healthy bodies.

Praying Mantises primarily feed during the night. Although you might notice that they feed during the day, this is actually because they hide their food during the day so that it will not be seen by predators.

This does not mean though that you cannot feed your Praying mantis.

You can, however, see it if you know what to look for.

In order for you to successfully feed your Praying mantis pet, you must learn how to recognize the things that it should be eating.

You must also make sure that it gets a regular supply of food so that it will not feel hungry soon.

Remember that its body is mainly made up of muscles and when it becomes very hungry then it would probably eat most of the things in its cage or in its tank.

Are Praying Mantis Bites Dangerous?

Did you know that the praying mantis can strike without warning and just by the sight of your finger?

Many people don’t know this, but these creatures can attack without warning.

If they spot your finger then they can do it by accident.

If you are standing in front of them with your hands up, then the mantis may just take off at your finger.

praying mantis bite  could do it by accident if they see your finger as prey
  • If you’re afraid of being bitten, or being stung, don’t worry. The mantis will not sting your finger in any way.
  • They usually fly by gliding across the bottom of the container.
  • They look for their next meal, and they will bite on anything that is moving.
  • You may find them picking up bugs and worms from the ground.
  • Fortunately, mantis bites rarely leave any lasting damage.

3 Common Praying Mantis Facts You Should Know

praying mantis facts is the penchant for cannibalism

One of the most fascinating praying mantis facts is the penchant for cannibalism.

Although these insects are carnivores, their mouth parts contain liposomes that are surrounded by a bitter taste.

This substance wards off insects such as ants and other predator animals that may be eating the leftover carcass of an insect that has been eaten by the praying mantis.

These insects often take the leftover body parts of their kills and proceed to eat the whole thing.

While these creatures have been around for a very long time, they are only now getting noticed thanks to the advent of new technology.

Another interesting fact about this insect is that it possesses pincers on its hind legs.

The pincers serve to grasp and pin the prey to the ground where the insect will insert its digestive juices, slowly consuming the prey.

Even with this hard line, the praying mantis is quite capable of wriggling its way through the grass and shaking its tail before consuming its prey.

It usually enters its prey unnoticed and then uses its two mouth pieces to force the antlers into its mouth and tear them apart.

Sometimes the chewing motion can leave the insect with visible cuts into the flesh of the animal.

Praying Mantises Have a Pair of Compound Eyes – See For Yourself

Praying mantises are small insects that belong to the family called superorder Dictyoptera.

Praying Mantises have a pair of compound eyes

Praying mantises are small insects that are around two to three inches in length.

These creatures are mostly brown in color but can vary depending on what kind of environment they are in.

However, sometimes the female mantis will display some black or red coloring to defend themselves against predators.

Praying Mantises Are Actually Quite Popular Pets

Praying mantis or the praying spider as it is commonly known as, are actually very popular pets.

It is a nocturnal hunter that is most active during the night time hours and can grow to be as large as ten inches in length.

  • It is often confused with the chinchilla but has its own characteristics and habits.
  • Praying mantises are not like any other type of spider, so if you are looking for a pet, you must make sure you understand these traits.
  • Praying mantises can be a good first pet because they are so beautiful and intriguing to look at.
  • Most people who get to see one such creature fall in love with it right away and most want to keep it as a pet.

To start off your search for praying mantises, you need to know a few prayer mantis facts.

– Most praying mantis need a warm and moist environment for optimum health.

Most people keep their praying mantises in a terrarium, however you can actually place this animal in a cage or even on your desk.

This would provide the needed moisture for the animal and at the same time keep the insects safe from any predators.

The color of the mantis varies with species but it is usually green with spots and sometimes reddish.

Why Do Some praying Mantises Exist Where Others Do Not?

praying mantises different species camouflage themselves from their preys

In order for praying mantises to be able to hide from their predators, it is necessary for them to be able to do so in a very different way than other animals.

Unlike many animals, they have a very complicated system of internalized organs that are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and pressure.

Because of this, mantises are able to remain hidden from their prey long enough for their prey to pass over them without being seen or heard by the prey.

The internal organs of praying mantis species are especially developed in order to accommodate changes in temperature and pressure.

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