Can Nylabones Break Teeth?

Can Nylabones Break Teeth?

If your puppy is teething and you’re wondering whether Nylabones can break teeth, there are some things you need to know about this product. First, you need to know that dogs can swallow many things while chewing, so you should always have a current medical record on your dog to avoid any complications. In addition, you should avoid giving your puppy any chew toys until you’ve seen a veterinarian.

Surprisingly, dogs seldom indicate that they have a toothache or that a tooth is abscessed, so you usually don’t know anything is wrong until the infection is very advanced. Tooth fractures are evaluated with dental x-rays under general anesthesia.

Without treatment, the exposed pulp canal of the broken tooth always becomes infected and an abscess forms at the root tip, which is really painful

When dogs chew on the Benebone it bristles. This bristling helps clean a dog’s teeth and also stimulates the dog’s gums.

A Warning About Nylabone Power Chew Toys - YouTube


A dog’s Nylabone is an effective tool to help reduce destructive chewing habits. These habits often arise from separation anxiety or boredom, but with the Nylabones, your dog can redirect those behaviors. It will also serve as a dental chew if used correctly. Although they are made of non-toxic materials, they may pose a choking hazard if consumed, so be sure to supervise your pup when playing with them.

A recent study by Snopes found no evidence that Nylabones cause seizures. The company has also denied any link between their chew toys and seizures. However, the company does urge you to discuss your options with your vet before using edible treats on your dog. They can also advise you on whether Nylabones are suitable for your dog’s special dietary needs.

When cleaning Nylabones, keep in mind that they can break apart easily. This means that you need to check them regularly for wear and tear. If you find any that are showing signs of wear, remove them from your dog’s reach. In addition, keep them out of high temperatures and strong chemicals because they could alter their composition. Instead, use a pet-safe detergent or gentle soap to clean them.

As with any chew, Nylabones can cause a choking hazard if your dog swallows too much of them. While these bones are meant to help clean teeth, their sharp edges and bristles could cause choking if swallowed in large pieces. If this happens, your dog will likely have to go to the vet for emergency surgery or suffer from gastrointestinal blockage.


While many consumers have questioned the safety of Nylabones, the truth is that the chews are not harmful to dogs. The company’s safety record is impeccable and their products are produced in facilities that are regularly inspected for both food safety and ethical standards. Their products have received USDA export certification and FDA Food Safety Modernization Act compliance.

The chews are non-edible and therefore, are not harmful for dogs’ teeth. There are, however, warnings that come along with some products. While a Nylabone is safe for chewing, a chew that is intended for human consumption can cause a dog to suffer a seizure. If this happens, the chew must be thrown away.

Nylabones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These are designed to cater to different types of chewers. Large chewers, for example, may break soft chew toys. However, small chewers can handle a smaller sized Nylabone and not damage their teeth.

Nylabones are not 100% safe for breaking teeth, and the safety of any chew toy is dependent on how you choose it and supervise your dog. Choosing the correct size is important, as the toy must fit the size, age, weight, and health status of your dog. Larger toys encourage a different chewing behavior than smaller ones. Also, if you have more than one pet, you’ll have to choose the right size for each pet based on which one is the strongest chewer.

Safe Chews for Dogs | Animal Hospital of North Asheville

Like many of the other chews we’ve discussed already, hard plastic and hard nylon chew toys like Nylabones can be too hard for your dog’s teeth. These toys have little to no “give,” and as a result, they have led to many tooth fractures.

Designed for teething puppies

Puppy chew toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes to encourage non-destructive play. These toys are ideal for puppies that are teething because they stimulate the chewing reflex in a safe and non-aggressive manner. There are three different types of teething toys.

Teething puppies need to chew for several reasons. They do this to soothe their gums, to maintain dental health, and to relieve boredom and anxiety. It also helps them explore the world around them and keeps their mind active. Teething puppies display intense chewing behavior due to the pain in their gums.

There are also toys designed for teething puppies that can help relieve discomfort and soothe the gums. Some toys are made to be frozen, which helps cool down the puppy’s gums. Another option is a frozen washcloth that the puppy can gnaw on. Some toys can even be stuffed with peanut butter or special treat paste.

Teething puppies are known to be difficult, and they often need extra help during this time. Fortunately, most puppies will eventually get through this stage without any help from their owners. However, you can make the most of this time by providing additional help and pro-active care during this time. It is worth investing in teething toys and other products that will make the process easier for both you and your puppy.

The IQ Treat Ball is a great teething toy for puppies. Available in a medium and large size, the toy will keep your pup busy while it works on its gums and teeth. The toys are made of durable rubber and include spiky grooves for putting treats. They are available in a variety of colors and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Are Nylabones Safe for Dogs: Fun Chew or Dental Danger?

Can cause dental problems

Although the company claims that Nylabones are safe for use by children, they may actually cause dental problems. This is due to the fact that the bones are very hard and may injure the tongue and mouth. In addition, teeth may be damaged if teeth are pushed into the bone. It is also possible for Nylabones to get stuck in the stomach, requiring surgery. The surgery is a scary and uncomfortable experience and may require sedation.

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Can dogs with bad teeth chew bones? What are some tips to make your dog eat slower and chew their food more thoroughly?

Safe to give unsupervised

The best way to keep your dog from chewing dangerous objects is to supervise the playtime. While it may be tempting to leave your dog alone with his or her favorite Nylabone, it is not a good idea. Dogs with separation anxiety may experience stress and anxiety when you leave them alone. Moreover, Nylabones can break easily and cause obstruction. Therefore, you should replace them regularly.

Nylabones are generally safe for your dog to chew on, but if you don’t supervise your dog, it could be a choking hazard. While a Nylabone doesn’t contain any toxic materials, small pieces could break off and end up in your dog’s stomach. This could cause your dog to choke or even suffer a medical emergency.

To ensure your dog’s health, it’s important to provide healthy treats for your dog. You can choose the Nylabone that is appropriate for your dog’s age and size. These bones are made from natural flavors and starches. They also contain fiber and vitamins. However, you should consult your vet before you give your dog an edible treat. Your vet can determine whether the Nylabones will be good for your dog’s health or if it is unsafe for your dog. A veterinary consultation is especially crucial if your pup is a senior or has any special needs.

Preventive Vet’s Picks for Safer Dog Chews

We can all confess that the entire preventive veterinary crew was spoiled. We are a bit embarrassed that most of our space is dedicated to storing dog toys, nummies, or embarrassing euphemisms. The good news is that we have gathered enough information from our review to help make comments about the safety and durability of the product. Here are some dog-loving favorites you might like, too. While chewable toys are safer than chewable toys they must also be used for the safety of children. What is a favourite chewing toy for hounds?


West Paw Qwizl is an easy to use treat that helps to make your dog more active by interacting with their brains. Because of its long size and its hollow core the Qwizl has an easy handle on both bully sticks. How many QWizls or toppls should dogs have? Toppling has everything from chocolate to sweet treats. The content will be dependent on how large the dog is Qwizl or Tupl. Size. Some popular suggestions include kibbles / wet snacks for dogs and peanut butter / butter. Is it fun to go on an adventure? Please see the recipe for Toppl stuffing.

The Topplifier

West Paw provides excellent selection for the dog to enjoy. It is dishwasher able. Toppl has always been the favorite food puzzle by the Preventives Vets certified trainer. It is her primary playtime when feeding the cats. It has a bigger opening than the Kong, and it is best for puppies that learn to de-stitches the puzzle toys or for adult pets if frustrated with difficulty. Westpaw Toppl Interactive Feeder. You can freeze the toy when the dog is stuffed.

Safe Chew Toys for Dogs: Vet-Recommended

What is Nylabone?

Nylabone was once a popular name among dogs worldwide. It produces non-edible chews for dogs and a line of non-edible chews made of rubber and nylon — the flagship product of this brand. Nylabones are a brown, bone-shaped toy which should be chewed, but not eaten. Despite being a small size, Nylabone has much more options. A variety of chews are also available and are durable. Each product range offers a bit of an assortment of chewable products for your puppy but pay careful attention to each one.

Nylabone Shapes

Among Nylanbone’s major advantages over their competitors are their variety of shapes that they offer: Some shapes may be better than others, but bone chews work for most dogs. Despite the shorter length teething rings, they are more suitable for puppies. Keep a look at the dog’s chewing style as the end will chew and swallow the dog’s food without being sanitized properly.

Nylabone Colors

Nylabone also offers several color options available in many products such as: color typically doesn’t have a significant effect on the dog owner but it is good knowing what you’ve got before purchasing and be sure to look out for color when buying your dog’s new toys.

Nylabone flavours

Nylabone chews come in different flavours to lure finicky Fidos: Some animals prefer the flavor of their original flavor of chicken or some require something stronger, such as bacon. Flavoring helps you get your dog to eat the Nylabone instead.

Nylabone Durability Levels

Nylabone provides different chew strength options. Always consult Nylabones Guide on dog chewing for the best chew strength.

Nylabone Sizes

Nylabone offers a wide range of dog chews that can fit any size dog.


If your pet eats chewing toys, you can use soft alternatives such as Kong Toys.

Potential Dangers of Popular Dog Chews

Do Nylabones Damage Dogs Teeth?

Nylon is sometimes praised for offering dogs an alternative to hard rubber or metallic pet toys. Although nylon bones may be safer for dogs teeth, many nylon bones contain materials which can damage their teeth. To avoid tooth dents, choose chew toys that are softer than the ones you use with your finger and not hard enough for your animal to bite. Owners of a dog that eats yello-sox should realize that these substances are very hard and can cause tooth retraction if they are chewed too much.

Are hard Nylabones good for dogs?

Nilsa bones cannot be consumed on cats. If the dog eats pieces, the animal can’t cut the pieces apart. Nylabone can clean your teeth as you chew. If pieces are inhaled, they shouldn’t harm the pet. Nylabones are an exciting toy that can be played by dogs.

Do Vets Recommend Nylabones?

Nylabone is a veterinarian recommended brand known for its massaging ability. They can also provide your pup with two essential items – dental health and an enjoyable activity.

Whats Better Than Nylabone?

I’m afraid that my dog may eat something dangerous that could hurt her. My dog always enjoys the Nylabone. The material is plastic but it has a hardness to keep my dog from chewing on it. The fact that it is made from natural materials makes it healthier, for sure.

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Can I Leave My Dog Alone With a Nylabone?

The easiest solution is not leaving the dog alone with a Kong and Nylabone toys. It’s relatively safe for puppies but if left without supervision it could mean your pup will get choppy if you do it yourself. Kong and Nylabone toys are great for puppies because their durability is good. If you leave your dog at home, you have to make a good safety precaution because these toys can be deadly if not properly handled.

Fractured/Discolored Teeth | Sacramento Veterinary Dentistry Services

Is Nylabone safe for dogs?

Nylabone provides a variety of products with risk profiles that are different. In terms of safety, Nylabones are just like most hard chewed toys in general. However, there are practical precautions necessary for dogs that can chew and not suffer injury. Always contact your veterinarian immediately to ensure your pet has a good chew.

Chews and Chew Toys You Should Not Give Your Dog

Remember, there are variations of stroke. I’d be willing to admit that some of the dogs may be having trouble with the toys. However, I think it is not appropriate to discuss your risks. Then you can choose your dog. If dogs eat the following items they will likely have moderate to serious problems especially if they are aggressive chewers.

When you give your dog a chew bone, make sure that you choose one that is the right size for them.

Bones can cause dogs to choke

If bones break apart, they could be in the stomach and in esophagus. Bone fragments may penetrate the throat and stomach. When lodged here the surface may become irritable and it may cause breathing difficulties to occur. The pitbull came in as it had not eaten or had breathing problems since the visitor had given her bone several hours earlier. I opened my mouth wide and my bone was stuck sideways in my neck. After sedation and removal we found the skeletal structure to be quite large however due to soft tissue swelling and the piercing in the surrounding tissues the initial evaluation did nothing to confirm this fact.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are a favorite recommendation for many dog trainers due to their high-value for entertaining chewy paws during the initial teeth phase. Veterinarians differ in their opinion of the risks and the benefits. Knowing the risks of dog chewing can make you more knowledgeable in making decisions. While bullies stick is not typically as difficult for brittle teeth to crack as dogs gnaw on them, it’s still an irritating problem if it comes with it if it gets stuck in their jaws. A bully stick is usually stuck to the backside of a dog’s mouth especially if they chew on small ones.

Pig ears

Pig ears have become one of the favourite treats for dogs. Although the pigs’ears offer good chewing time they are also very fat. Food containing high fats can ultimately cause weight gain and cause problems. High levels of fat can cause nausea, stomach cramps, or pancreatitis – which can kill a dog. It can often lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, pain in the abdomen, limb lethargy, or even hospitalization. Occasionally the ears are coated in harsh chemicals. The chemicals used for this purpose are bleach. In addition, some smoked pig ears contain cancerous coating.

Elk or deer Antlers

Antlers are one of the most popular pet chews. Pet owners often view this as natural. Has anyone seen bulls and elk fight? That’s intense at best. Many ardent hunters admit to having different grades of antlers. It discusses the risk of lower grades for dogs. In general the aforementioned grades are supported only because the antlers are soft and fresh. It seems things are usually broken down into three parts. I had been grateful for them if one day a couple of cats ate two pieces of antler and had slab fractures in the teeth of their premolars.

Destructive Chewing | ASPCA

Nylabone or Nylon Chew Toys

Hard plastic chew toys NyLabone® and nylon ones have been mentioned previously and hard plastic chew toys are hard to chew on your pet. This toy has little or nothing giving it has resulted in numerous fractures in the teeth. It will hurt your dog’s teeth when it can’t be touched. Making things worse, an average gum chewer can cut up plastic from a Nylabone if swallowed and result in digestive issues. When pieces are taken out and sit in your stomach, your body tries to break it up. These things alone are possible causes of pancreattitis.


While the toys can easily be bought for your dog, sticks are quick and easy ways of ending their fun. Sometimes they cause painful and fatal punctures in the mouth eye, stomach, or even the heart. It has been covered in countless other posts on Preventive Medicine. Sticks are not intended to be a means of protecting the dog and his or her health or safety and are not meant for chewing or for fetching. I’ve had the most sweet labs as a patient and they’re equally amazing. She’s a sweet girl who chews or ingests stick.

Cow Hooves

Horse hooves are the most common dog chewing material but unfortunately the breed has disappeared. It’s certainly possible to locate these quite quickly, and they have a good location in their own right. Similar to bones or other hard-toy toys, cows have splintering teeth that may cause damage to the mouth or digestive tract. Due to the circular shape they loop around the lower teeth and just behind the lower teeth. It makes a dog panic. Unfortunately, the vet sometimes has the dog sedated in case the hoof is cut.


Rawhide is easily available in all places and fairly inexpensive. The dog chews rawhide easily. However, sometimes dogs have pieces of rawhide trapped in their windpipes stomachs, and this can cause choking or intestinal obstructions. If the dog chews the rawhide instead of eating the whole thing, it should probably be okay (or even have teeth-cleaning advantages). Obviously these chewable foods are no good for a dog. When using rawhide, be careful that there’s no knot at the end.

Hard Cheese Chews, Yak Chews and Blocks

Aside of possibly lactose intolerance, cheese does not cause a lot of pain on dogs. Well, when the material was transformed into an ultra-hard “block” it could easily. Cheese blocks and cheesebones, as well as yak cheese treats, are too difficult to chew and may lead to broken teeth. In my own tests, the Ecokind Yok Cheese Chews didn’t meet the “thumbnail test”. You should give your dog a little bit of real food, such as string cheese.

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Bones can cause constipation

Bone pieces can pass into intestines but can accumulate and cause bowel obstruction. A client showed a dog he had never eaten. He said they had never spotted her pooping for about three weeks. On the MRI, the woman’s stomach was drained of bone. I am pleased to report that after an extremely long process (more than an hour) a horrible scent was cured and a happy dog was returned to our home. Unfortunately, it’s not usually true.

Ice Cubes

Even if the dog’s toys aren’t chewing toys there are lots of dog toys that can be eaten with ice. Unfortunately, ice cubes can crack the teeth of dogs as hard as bone and antlers can. Moreover, dogs could be a choking danger, especially with dogs missing teeth. You won’t have to dig up an ice bucket before the dog can reach the bottom and it will not make sense if you deliberately gave your dog ice cubes.


Now this is an interesting topic. Take enough time on the web to discover lots of websites that tell dogs to keep bones in their body unless the bone is not cooked and they have a specific kind. Most people have agreed on whether or not cooking chicken bones is dangerous, as it may cause digestive upset. In some cases people are going to recommend bones in an attempt to ensure the best health of a person.

Bones Splinter

Bone can and does break, and the bone can break and erode. The client rushed to the clinic after he was crying as he pooped. When I did his rectal examination there were 2 1/2 inches of splinters in both sides of his aural sphincter. He pooped lots of liquid stool containing bone fragments, which if not removed, could easily create blockages.

Primary Safety Factors When Evaluating Dog Chews

As a veterinary, we have seen first-hand how dogs get hurt with chewed toys – ranging from broken teeth to bowel obstruction and even death. How do I pick my dog’s favorite chewing device and how do they work best?

How can I test my dog’s Chew for safety?

Take your dog’s chewing materials to a “test” below.

Don’t confuse Nylabones with Benebones

While similar material and names, nylabones are not quite similar to nylabones. This nylon is similar to Nylabone and therefore non-edible, but they have different characteristics that make them the better and the worse fits your four-footer.

My Dog Ate a Nylabone! Here's What to Do (Vet Answer) | Hepper

Benefits and Drawbacks of Nylabones

Like any chew, Nylabones have some disadvantages. While chewing can be good for dogs they may not be exactly the right choice despite their taste.

The drawbacks of Nylabones

Obviously a best selling product that has many advantages Nylabone is often prone to some problems like the following: I have nylabone problems and they seem to make it hard. These chewy foods are made from plastic which are never intended for consumption but… the dog ingests most of them. I give my dogs Remy and Nyla bones and I think they are safer and more rewarding than others. Chewing can be soothing and Remy loves chewing. I’ve seen Remy chew Nylabone before and the man seems to be chewing the whole thing.

Benefits of Nylabones

Nylabone’s existence isn’t a surprise: hundreds of years of existence. The puppies and dogs are in constant need because of the reasons they are so many.

What’s the best Chew for your dog?

However, this aside we suggest a rule of thumb if the bite is hurtful and if a dog has been injured it should not have been a pet chewing toy.

If your dog is wearing down their teeth on hard chew toys, you may want to consider softer alternatives like a Kong toy or a rubber chew toy.

Keep your dog’s chews in a clean, dry environment to prevent mold or bacterial growth. Avoid extreme temperatures that may cause melting or fracturing, compromising the chew’s structure.

Can Dogs Eat Bones? Here's What People Get Wrong About Dogs and Bones

The Brilliant Kong

Tell me the difference? But I prefer the hard rubber chewing toys like the common Kong toys. I thought it was amazing. It is essential a dog should be of the proper size. It’s really not a good choice to give an XK to a big Labrador. The big sized dog may ingest it, or it could become smashed. They will choke. A Power chewer can also be used in a harder black variant than a red version that is softer.

Food puzzles

It’s also good to find food puzzles. When we talk about a mental engagement that helps our dog live a more interesting life. This includes food puzzles, licki mats or snuffed pads. Always use the toys as supervised because it doesn’t mean that you will chew it out. Surely the snuffle mats with fabric that you hide your foods in and you don’t want your pet to chew them or swallow them?

Nylabone Healthy Edibles: A Potential Alternative

The brand has an alternative for dogs who can eat healthy food.

Alternative to traditional Nylabones these chews are intended for consumption

This 4-foot-long dog can gnaw on anything to the delight he likes. This product is not as robust as the other Nylabone offerings. Ensure that your dog is not allergic or has an allergy.

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